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Quasimorph Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

Do you want to command a spaceship, go into ground missions, complete dungeon crawls, loot, and upgrade your gear? Quasimorph lets you do all that and more! A mix of roguelike, RPG, and extraction games, Quasimorph is as complex as it sounds.

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Additionally, there are factions and an unraveling storyline to explore. All this means that you need a comprehensive Quasimorph strategy guide, and that’s precisely what we have for you here! If you like merciless roguelike (and roguelite) experiences like Vampire Survivors but, in the words of the immortal Tim Curry, with more SPACE!, you’ll love Quasimorph. So, let’s jump into tips and tricks for this unique game!

In-Depth Guide to Quasimorph

Tip #1: Understand Mission Prep

Orbiting a planet in Quasimorph
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Your first mission (tutorial) in Quasimorph will have you immediately go into action in the Pine Gap Training Center. To that end, you’ll need to select an Operator, pick a Class, and outfit your Operator with the right gear.

This will be the standard procedure for every future mission, so you’ll need to learn it well. The interface for mission prep is relatively simple. The trick will be in understanding the advantages of specific operators and how to match them with the right Class and gear. To that end, we’ll need to break down each of these aspects.

Tip #2: Know Your Operators

Mid-mission Operator stats in Quasimorph
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Here’s a list of all Operators in Quasimorph, along with some of their basic stats and special abilities:

Operator NameHealthDamageStarvation LimitPain ThresholdSpecial
Auberon Lukas604-81,8008Additional weapon slot
Francis Reid-Daly655-102,00010Additional weapon durability
Isabela Capet5010-201,60010Immune to infection
Jacques Kennet605-102,10010Faster weapon reload
Kenzie Yukio508-181,70014Less weight dodge penalty
Marika Wulfnod506-121,90012Additional slot
Maximilian Rohr605-102,00010Resistant to pain
Mirsza Aishatu557-142,0009Less calorie drain
Niko Medich605-102,00010Better ranged accuracy
Percy Fawcett755-102,40018All resistances increased
Priyah Marlon555-102,00012Additional item stack

Tip #3: Know Your Classes

Class selection in Quasimorph
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You can match your Operator with one of six Classes. Each class has specific advantages. Choosing the right Class for your Operator can enhance their stats and abilities, giving you a better chance at finishing the dungeon:

ClassPerk 1Perk 2Perk 3Perk 4Perk 5Perk 6
Scouts of HadesHardening (-5% wound chance, 10 EXP per damage absorbed)Training (+5% accuracy, 2 EXP per firearm shot)CQC-Specialist (-15% scatter, 2 EXP per SMG, shotgun, or pistol shot)Combat Focus (+40% dodge chance, 10 EXP per attack)Bodybuilding (+2 health, 1 EXP per 10 weight when moving)Blind Fury (+25% damage, 10 EXP on damage taken)
Eclipse BladesKnife Fight (+5% accuracy, 5 EXP per melee weapon hit)Reflexes (+10% dodge chance, 2 EXP per enemy’s missed attack)Athletics (-20% accuracy loss from sprinting, 2 EXP per turn when running)Taste of Blood (+1 regen, 15 EXP per bleeding wound)Carnage (+50% damage, 10 EXP per melee kill)Cannibalism (+25% melee damage, 10 EXP on eating human meat)
Tiftons ElitePain Immunity (Wound stabilization, 10 EXP per wound)Grenadier (+5% grenade damage, 2 EXP per grenade throw)Heavy Weapons (-5% scatter, 2 EXP per rifle or machine gun shot)Last Bullet (+20% accuracy, 15 EXP per last round fired)Addiction (+20% melee damage, 5 EXP per med use)Stationary Defense (+15% turret damage, 15 EXP per turret placed)
Tunnel RatsMarauder (+1 items looted, 1 EXP per corpse looted)Reinforced Armor (+10% shotgun damage, 2 EXP per shotgun shot)Immune Response (-20% resistances, 10 EXP per infection)Shelters (+15% accuracy when in cover, 10 EXP per enemy’s missed attack)Caution (+100% crit chance, 1 EXP per hidden enemy reveal)Pain Immunity (Wound stabilization, 10 EXP per wound)
Phoenix BrigadeMechanic (+10 turret health, 15 EXP per item repair)Destroyer (+20% damage, 2 EXP per destroyed obstacle)Pyromaniac (+1 fire duration, 2 EXP per enemy set on fire)Gambit (+5% ranged crit chance, 10 EXP per barrel explosion)Combat Physicist (-1 reload duration, 5 EXP per energy weapon shot)Dismantler (+10% injury chance, 15 EXP per ripped limb)
Spaceborn GhostsAthletics (-20% accuracy loss when sprinting, 1 EXP per turn when running)Immune Response (-20% resistances, 10 EXP per infection)Reflexes (+10% dodge chance, 2 EXP per enemy’s missed attack)Last Bullet (+20% accuracy, 15 EXP per last round fired)Taste of Blood (+1 regen, 15 EXP per bleeding wound)Reserves (+30% wound stabilization, 10 EXP when HP drops under 20%)

Tip #4: Give the Right Gear to the Right Operator

Operator inventory in Quasimorph
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The next tip is actually more related to common sense than anything else. Take note of your Operator’s stats and the bonuses they get from the chosen Class. Then, make sure to equip them with the gear that will enhance their skills and abilities.

For instance, if your Operator/Class is melee-focused, choose a solid melee weapon. For characters with lower health, pack some healing items. And for those with a lower starvation limit, get additional supplies to stave off hunger. In other words, don’t leave the choice of gear to chance!

Tip #5: Know When to Crouch and When to Run

Encountering enemies in Quasimorph
Screenshot by Magnum Scriptum

You can move in three stances in Quasimorph: Sneaking, Walking, and Running. Walking will be your default stance, but you’ll usually want to change it relatively soon. Each stance comes with its ups and downs:

  • Sneaking makes you stealthy and consumes fewer calories, BUT you only get one AP per turn.
  • Walking doesn’t consume many calories and grants you two AP per turn, BUT you don’t get any specific advantages.
  • Running gives you three AP per turn and allows you to move swiftly, BUT consumes the most calories and reduces your accuracy.

Tip #6: Play Smart to Survive!

A dangerous situation in Quasimorph
Screenshot by Magnum Scriptum

Some general tips will increase your chances of survival in every level. Here’s what to do in all missions:

  • Don’t move on to higher-difficulty missions if your Operators are too low-level.
  • Always gear up when you get the chance.
  • Inspect the enemy’s stats before engaging.
  • If an enemy is considerably stronger than you, try to engage them from a distance. Or better yet, simply run to cover!
  • Don’t get overwhelmed! At early levels, loot everything you can and extract with as little combat as possible.
  • Extract materials from body parts and gear for faster mission completion and more lucrative trading.
  • ALWAYS have a fire-resistance item with you!
  • NEVER spend your final action on venturing into an unexplored area, i.e., around a door!

Tip #7: Start on (or Around) Mars

Selecting missions on Phobos in Quasimorph
Screenshot by Magnum Scriptum

Mars, Phobos, or Deimos missions are the best for beginners in Quasimorph. You’ll encounter less dangerous enemies and gain some great starter loot. That’s why this area of the Sun system should be your pick before you get stronger.

That being said, not all missions around the Red planet are ideal. In particular, you should steer clear of any mission that has you going against Tezctlan—as a beginner, your Operator could easily perrish there. Also, it would be best not to fight against AnCom, RealWare, or SBN because you’ll be able to trade well with those factions if you don’t ruin relations with them.

This wraps up our guide to Quasimorph. Act according to our suggestions, and you should be fine during the early/mid-game. And once you get your bearings, you’ll be on your way to becoming a veteran, capable of taking on harder challenges.

If you have some additional tips and tricks for Quasimorph, help out other readers by sharing your tips in the comments! We also have a ton of guides and walkthroughs for other games in our Game Guides section, so make sure to check them out.


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Quasimorph Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More