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10 Best Games Like Vampire Survivors (Mobile)

Survive the night with our list of the best games like Vampire Survivors for mobile devices.

Vampire Survivors took action roguelike game fans by surprise with its simple aesthetics yet insanely addicting gameplay. If you’re an action junkie that can’t get enough of these fast-paced action survival games, join us as we countdown the top 10 mobile games like Vampire Survivors.

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The Best Games like Vampire Survivors to Play on Mobile

Vampire Survivors was initially released on PC, and the mobile port didn’t come until months later. In the time it took for Vampire Survivors to come to mobile, different developers tried to fill that gap with their own interpretations of the game’s formula. Here are some of the best mobile games that play very similarly to Vampire Survivors.

1. Demon Survival: Roguelite RPG

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The forces of the underworld are rising once again, and it’s up to you to quell their forces in Demon Survival: Roguelite RPG! This game is an auto-action RPG where you run around defeating increasingly large hordes of enemies, all the while powering up and upgrading your skills in the process. The game features a dark and stylish retro aesthetic, complete with an equally dark synth-wave soundtrack.

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2. Fantasy Journey: Survival ARPG

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Fantasy Journey: Survival ARPG is an auto-action RPG with a colorful and vibrant anime theme. Evil demons were sealed away in the Holy Ark in ancient times, but they’ve grown stronger and broken free. As one of the last remaining guardians of the Holy Ark, it’s up to you to put a stop to them. Choose from a variety of heroes and blast your way through the demons, leveling up and choosing new abilities as you go.

3. DarkSurvival

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DarkSurvival is a top-down arena shooter with a cute and dark theme. You’re dropped into a dark arena full of monsters that want your blood, so maneuver around them and slay them before you bite the dust. You start the game as a plump knight, but you can unlock more imaginative characters as you play, like a mighty penguin or a thorny cactus!

4. Magic Survival

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The war between the wizards rages on, and malicious spirits are starting to manifest from all of the destructive magic being thrown around. Put these corrupted spirits to rest in Magic Survival, a mage-themed RPG. Utilize an arsenal of magic spells to destroy the spirits, and combine them for devastating effects.

5. Grimnight Heroes: Survivors

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Take back the night in Grimnight Heroes: Survivors, a game that can’t get any closer to Vampire Survivors! A mighty necromancer has unleashed his undead army against Grimnight, and it’s up to you to put an end to the reign of terror. Destroy creatures of the night with powerful magic items, and take on the harder difficulties if you’re feeling up to the challenge.

6. Pickle Pete: Survivor

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After a wild experiment goes haywire, you awaken only to find yourself transformed into a pickle! The unstable experiment have caused zombies to rise, so grab your guns and search for a cure in Pickle Pete: Survivor, a top-down arena shooter. If you couldn’t already tell, Pickle Pete has a pretty silly vibe, and it gets even sillier with the different characters you can unlock that are themed after different foods.

7. Brotato

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Brotato drops you into an arena full of enemies, but thankfully you’re a potato with six hands, meaning six times the firepower! Brotato features tons of items and weapons for players to build and get creative with, and there are also over 30 characters to play as, each with their own unique set of abilities. Grab your guns and become the ultimate potato!

8. Knight Survivors

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Knights, round up! It’s time to save the world from evil monsters in Knight Survivors, an auto-action RPG with a cute anime aesthetic. The unique mechanic in this game is the ability to create a squad of multiple knights who follow you around in battle and launch their own attacks and skills. Upgrade your items, enhance your gear, and build the ultimate team!


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The city is under siege by the undead, and the only hope is you in, a zombie-filled action game. Hordes of shambling monstrosities are coming at you from all sides, so you’ll need to stay mobile while you blast them to pieces. You can find new gear that stays consistent between runs, so you’re always getting stronger in

10. 20 Minutes Till Dawn

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Otherworldly creatures have come to play, and your only hope against them is the crack of dawn. 20 Minutes Till Dawn is a fast-paced and challenging experience, as you’ll be assaulted with nightmarish enemies from all angles. Choose your character, each with their own unique abilities, and upgrade them as you battle through the night. There are countless weapon synergies to experiment with, so build your character wisely and survive the night!

You should now have plenty of action games to survive through. Have another favorite game like Vampire Survivors that we didn’t list here? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Best Games Like Vampire Survivors (Mobile)