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Best Mobile RPG Games for iPhone and Android

Best Mobile RPG Games for iPhone and Android
Genshin Impact
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Mobile platforms have been working their way to the top of RPG options for the past decade. Today, not only can you find triple-A quality titles on iOS and Android, but more titles keep coming out by the month.

Let’s look at the current RPG landscape in mobile gaming and list our top picks among the offers. We have listed 25 titles, so you should not have any trouble finding at least one that is just right for you.

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Which Are the Best Mobile RPGs on iOS and Android?

Another Eden

Image by WFS, Inc.

Fully named Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, this is one of the relatively rare games developed for mobile first, with other ports (Windows and Switch) coming later. The game plays like a typical JRPG side-scroller, venturing into turn-based gameplay for combats. Overall, Another Eden provides a satisfying experience with plenty of fun on one side and gorgeous graphics and sound on the other.

Arcane Quest 3

Image by NexGame Studios

Modern RPG games are filled with interesting mechanics, yet the original tabletop model retains an everlasting charm. That’s precisely why Arcane Quest 3 bases its gameplay on the classic system. In this RPG, you choose your character class, upgrade your skills, and roll dice to determine the success of your actions. All this is accompanied by a distinguished visual style and an exciting world to serve as the stage for your explorations.

Atom RPG

Atent Games LTD

Mobile RPGs happening in a nuclear post-apocalypse are relatively rare. Even the original Fallout took over 25 years to get a mobile port, while newer titles have been few and far between. That’s why Atom RPG is a breath of fresh air on the scene. This game takes you on an exploration of an expansive wasteland in the former Soviet Union as you discover the dire consequences of nuclear war and try to prevent an even worse fate befalling all of Earth.

Baldur’s Gate

Image by Beamdog

In the “old but gold” topic, the legendary Baldur’s Gate is the next entry on our list. A staple of D&D gaming, it’s a title no true RPG fan should miss. This fresh mobile port comes from Beamdog, the same developer responsible for Planescape: Torment and several other important additions to the mobile RPG scene. We picked the very first game in the franchise for our list, but Baldur’s Gate 2 and Siege of Dragonspear are also available.

Chrono Trigger

Image by Square Enix Co., Ltd.

You might wonder how a game from 1995 (with a mobile port from 2011) made its way on this list. There are two answers to that: First, Chrono Trigger was re-released for iOS and Android devices in 2018 with a massive update. Second, it’s Chrono Trigger.

The best-selling RPG from Japan took the world by storm, garnering stellar reviews from players and critics alike. Now, you can experience the global gaming phenomenon in its full glory from your mobile device, and that’s worth putting Chrono Trigger on every list.

Diablo Immortal

Image by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

For many players, Diablo is the epitome of quality RPGs. To be straight, Diablo Immortal doesn’t reach the same level as its PC predecessors, especially in terms of the game’s plot. This mobile MMORPG falls prey to the old trap of microtransactions, which sometimes seem to take precedence over the game’s content. However, Diablo Immortal is still Diablo for mobile, and that’s rare enough to be cherished.

Dungeon Hunter 6

Image by GOAT Games

The highly anticipated next installment in the Dungeon Hunter series is also among the freshest titles on our list. Dungeon Hunter 6 was released in late 2023, bringing the Bounty Hunter saga back to eager players. With various classes to choose from, polished gameplay, and spotless visuals, this game is as good as ARPGs get. True to its genre, Dungeon Hunter 6 offers plenty of exploration, engaging combat, and an intricate character development system that promises hours on end of immersive fun.


Image by Mistwalker Corporation

In a long list like ours, it was bound to happen at some point: we have an iOS exclusive. Developed in 2021, Fantasian is a two-part release from the creators of Final Fantasy. The game switches from free overworld navigation to turn-based combat while bringing the lush diorama setting to life. Fantasian also has some outstanding features, setting it apart from similar titles. For instance, the Dimengeon system lets you skip enemies you’ve fought before, and the game supports controllers and mouse and keyboard setups. Best of all, Fantasian contains no microtransactions whatsoever.

Final Fantasy VI

Image by Square Enix Co., Ltd.

There’s no shortage of Final Fantasy games for mobile platforms, but not all of them are equal in terms of quality. While Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis falls under the latest titles, we decided to go with Final Fantasy VI as the superior game. In particular, we’re talking about the 2022 pixel remaster version of the game, which upgrades and restores the original game content without adding content from previous ports. It’s the essential Final Fantasy experience on your phone.

Genshin Impact

Image by Cognosphere PTE. LTD.

For a game that’s only a few years old, Genshin Impact has carved out quite a legacy. It currently sits as the top-grossing video game in the launch year, and that’s no coincidence. Genshin Impact continues to attract players with an expansive open world that reveals a captivating story with a diverse mythological and cultural flavoring. If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, this one is an excellent choice.

Honkai Star Rail

Image by Cognosphere PTE. LTD.

Far from the classics, we move on to a game released in 2023. Being a gacha-style CRPG, Honkai Star Rail may sound like nothing more than a Genshin Impact clone. Indeed, some gameplay elements bear a strong resemblance, to say the least, but Honkai Star Rail still stands firmly as a title of its own. After all, this is the fourth game in the series, and it has plenty of unique legacy to back it up.

Knights of Pen & Paper

Image by Paradox Interactive AB

When done right, retro can be unique and captivating, and Knights of Pen & Paper knows how to get retro right. But the game steps it up by throwing in another favorite buzzword: meta. In Knights of Pen & Paper, you play as a character playing a pen and paper RPG. Forget about 3D chess—this is 3D roleplaying. Without spoiling anything from the game, we advise you to jump in and give it a try!

Lineage 2: Revolution

Image by Netmarble

Taking place in a persistent world, Lineage 2: Revolution is a stunning MMORPG with top-tier visuals and massive multiplayer battles. On the other hand, the game’s auto-questing and reliance on idle mechanics may rub hardcore RPG fans the wrong way. We don’t necessarily take these aspects as flaws for a specific reason: Lineage 2: Revolution is a natively mobile game, so it’s a different beast than titles that started on other platforms.

Neverwinter Nights

Image by Beamdog

By now, you have probably figured out that we love D&D classics, especially when they get mobile ports. And it doesn’t get much more D&D (or classic) than Neverwinter Nights. This version of the game includes the original campaign and two expansions, giving you more than 100 hours of supreme RPG content. If you’re looking for the ultimate D&D experience on your phone, Neverwinter Nights will be up there at the top.

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent

Image by Square Enix Co., Ltd.

The prequel for the praised Octopath Traveler, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent doesn’t fall behind the famed original. Like its predecessor, the game is an RPG with a turn-based structure. Of course, the original was released for Nintendo Switch, with Windows, Stadia, and Xbox versions coming after. And Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is a purely mobile game. Luckily, none of the style, gameplay, or story appeal was lost in the translation.

Planescape: Torment

Image by Beamdog

Originally coming out in 1999, Planescape: Torment is solidified as an absolute RPG classic. Noted, the game is far from new, but its mobile ports are more than worth the mention. From the story to the soundtrack, this game represents the finest the genre has to offer. And now, courtesy of Beamdog, you can have it readily available in your pocket. What more to ask for?

Raid: Shadow Legends

Image by Plarium Global Ltd

Memed to the edges of the internet and back, Raid: Shadow Legends is still an RPG in relatively decent packaging. The game relies on turn-based combat, but outside of battles, it functions like a typical gacha. The visuals are its main strength, and Raid: Shadow Legends has set high standards for similar games on that front. It’s definitely worth trying out, especially if you don’t expect a particularly captivating storyline.

Secret of Mana

Image by Square Enix Co., Ltd.

The successor of early Final Fantasy games, Secret of Mana is often counted among the best games ever made. This is one of the key reasons why this 1993 title has been updated and re-released continually, covering many major platforms. The top-down, real-time combat RPG classic is a must for all gaming fans. With the game being available on both iOS and Android, there’s no reason not to give it a go and see for yourself why Secret of Mana holds such a high place in gaming history.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Image by Aspyr Media, Inc.

If you’re after mobile RPGs, how about a title that combines a legendary fictional universe with near-perfect RPG gameplay? Of course, we’re talking about the legend that is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Those who know what Star Wars KOTOR is don’t need to think twice about installing the game. And those new to the title will learn the (now, sadly, non-canon) history of the galaxy far, far away through immersive, engaging gameplay.

Stardew Valley

Image by ConcernedApe

Many would argue that Stardew Valley isn’t a pure RPG—and they might be right. If you’re a devoted RPG purist, adding this game to our list might strike a nerve. However, we feel Stardew Valley is a worthy addition here for several reasons.

Firstly, character growth and customization is a gameplay cornerstone; secondly, the game is renowned for its exploration and questing, even if combat mechanics leave plenty to be desired. Thirdly, you get to explore the in-universe characters and form meaningful relationships with them. With all this, is it really such an offense to do some farming while you’re at it?

Image by Stoic

The impeccable visual style of The Banner Saga makes this title unique among mobile RPGs. The animations are hand-painted and done with rotoscoping, creating a memorable impression every time you launch the game. And then there’s the saga itself, with its stunning story, impactful relationships, and player choices that matter in the long run. While The Banner Saga 1 & 2 were available on both mobile platforms, today the App Store variant is nowhere to be found, leaving the title exclusively to Android users.


Image by Supergiant Games, LLC

Transistor, an iOS-exclusive isometric ARPG, has much to recommend it, from impressive visuals through a must-hear soundtrack to the varied and flexible combat system. Additionally, the game’s story is told in a subtle and effective way, even though it might not be among the most story-rich RPGs you’ve ever played. Sadly, Android users can’t experience what Transistor has to offer, which is quite a lot.


Image by Line Games

If player freedom is one of the main aspects of an RPG, then Undecember represents the finest in its class. The game allows you to grow and define your character organically through gameplay rather than choosing a pre-set class. You can also mix and match skills any way you deem fit, making each character unique. And, to top it off, Undecember offers countless hours to test your build through numerous combat-oriented game modes.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins

Image by Nintendo

Tactical combat? Check. Diverse vampire bloodlines? Check. In-depth character creation and world exploration? Check and double-check. As an open-world RPG, Vampire’s Fall: Origins perfectly sets the stage for a medieval gothic fantasy world while using 2D animation. The game also has various callbacks to earlier legendary titles. Its visual style is somewhat inspired by Diablo, while the overall feel has much in common with Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption.

Vendir: Plague of Lies

Image by Early Morning Studio

A dark RPG with an in-depth character development system, Vendir: Plague of Lies opens up an entire kingdom to explore as you follow an intricate storyline filled with prophecy and meaningful choices. In the vain of the best RPG games, Vendir: Plague of Lies gives your decisions real impact. In other words, how you play the game affects future situations and developments.

Our list of the best mobile RPG games for iPhone and Android is periodically updated as new titles or ports come out. To stay on top of the latest news, keep an eye on our other lists. In the meantime, feel free to let us know which of these games you’ve tried and which you’d like to see in a future list.

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