If you love puzzle games and own an iOS device, you really should pick up the nice The Room 2, developed by British team Fireproof game. Today, you have one more reason to purchase this nice game, since it’s now available for a reduced price in all regional stores.

The Room 2 is a three dimensional puzzle game which plays not too differently from the first game of the series. Each level of The Room 2 is a single room where players will have to solve a series of connected puzzles in order to complete the stage. Most of the these puzzle involve finding out clues to clear others, a mechanics that makes the game almost feel like those classic point and click adventure games people enjoyed twenty years ago and more.

The Room 2 expands the gameplay experience of its predecessor by including several connected puzzles in different rooms, with the player having the ability to move freely between them. Also, at the end of each stage, players will be have to find the real exit of the room, adding yet another gameplay element to the experience.

The Room 2 is now available for only $0.99 on the App Store. Make sure to take advantage of this deal as soon as possible, since it will not be available for long.


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