PUBG Mobile Season 17 Tier rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 16 is currently underway, and so far, you’ve probably unlocked all the Tier and RP rewards of the current season. As the game’s current season is about to conclude in a few days, several data miners have leaked the upcoming Tier rewards of PUBG Mobile Season 17.

For those who don’t know, PUBG Mobile basically features a total of 8 Tiers, i.e., Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and so on, which players can achieve by ranking up in the game. At each tier, players can unlock a Seasonal reward to keep it forever in their inventory.

The upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 17 will feature some of the rare and extraordinary Tier rewards of all the time, including a female Outfit set, AWM skin, Parachute skin, and much more. Players can nab all the Tier rewards once they reach the respective tiers.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Tier Rewards

Gold Tier Reward

Season 17 Gold Tier reward

Upon reaching the Gold Tier in PUBG Mobile Season 17, players can unlock a permanent female outfit set whose name is not revealed yet.

Platinum Tier Reward

Season 17 Platinum Tier Reward

The reward for reaching Platinum Tier in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 17 is an exclusive helmet skin.

Diamond Tier Reward

Season 17 Diamond Tier reward

The next PUBG Mobile season will feature an exciting AWM skin at Diamond Tier. In addition to this, players can also expect a few Silver Fragments on the same level.

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Ace Tier Reward

Season 17 Ace Tier reward

As always, players will get a themed parachute skin upon reaching the Ace Tier in PUBG Mobile Season 17.

Conqueror Tier Reward

Season 17 Conqueror Tier Reward

Conqueror is the highest rank of the game, and the players will have to prove what it takes to unlock the Tier rewards of this rank. If a player reaches the Conqueror Tier in Season 17, he can grab the rarest Golden Avatar Frame with the S17 logo on it.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 is concluding on January 17, 2021, and after that, a new Season will be introduced in the game.

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