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PUBG Mobile season 19 is in full swing and it won’t be long before season 20 arrives. Often, players want to push their ranks and keep up their stats. For this, fancy weapons and good armor is a good headstart.

To load up arms and armaments, players have to hunt for quite a while before they find some advanced weapons. But these initial scavenging efforts can be saved. Landing on the right locations can save some effort.

PUBG Mobile Best Loot Locations in Erangel


Image source: PUBG Fandom

Rozhok is one of the hot drops in Erangel. Compared to Pochinki, Rozhok attracts fewer players. Besides, the terrain of Rozhok is such that players can keep an eye on the surroundings, so land on the hilly part.

Rozhok is almost at the center and is near to school and apartments. Both the locations have enough loot to equip a squad.


Image via PUBG Mobile

Prison, along with the nearby shelter and mansion, is a good place for newbies and passive players to land and get some gear. The loot quality is high, but do not expect fancier weapons here.

Often, these regions may not be on the flight path, so they’re not much crowded. This makes the place safe for a peaceful loot most of the time.

3Sosnovka Military Base

Image via PUBG Mobile

Undoubtedly, being one of the hot drops, Sosnovka Military Base has the best loot. Players can find many fancy weapons, ARs, and level 3 armor. The base is loaded with weapons so several squads get down here.

However, if the military base is not on the flight path, players have to get here through a vehicle or wade through the waters. Note that the players get ambushed on the bridges connected to the base.

4Novorepnoye Crates

Image via PUBG Mobile

Another popular hot drop, the Novorepnoye crates have abundant loot. There’s enough loot to equip an entire squad. Make sure to land on the top of the crate structures to grab the items there first. After getting down, players can loot the insides of the crate and other structures.

This place can leave players stranded, so pay attention to the shrinking zone. Sometimes, players from the military base can cause combat situations.

5Mylta Power

Image via PUBG Mobile

For players that go solo, Mylta Power and the surrounding shelters hold sufficient military-grade items. As there are other hot drops around this region, players often ignore this location.

However, squads should avoid this place as there is not enough loot. Mylta Power is somewhat distant from the center, so keep an eye on the shrinking zone and vehicles.

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