PUBG Mobile Metro Royale mode

PUBG Mobile 1.1.0 update is now available for both Android and iOS users. Metro Royale is undoubtedly a major addition in the game in which players have to reach a certain point before others. Moreover, players will also get an option to choose the weapon loadout before starting the game.

To play Metro Royale mode, players must download PUBG Mobile’s latest 1.1.0 update first. You can also follow this guide for a swift installation of the new update. Once the update is downloaded in your phone, follow these steps to play the brand new Metro Royale mode.

How to download Metro Royale mode in PUBG Mobile

  1. Launch the PUBG Mobile application and login to your account.

    PUBG Mobile log-in options

  2. Tap on the Metro Royale banner on the home screen.

  3. Download the Metro Royale mode, which is around 217MB.

  4. Once the download completes, head over to the mode selection menu and select Metro Royale mode.

  5. Hit the Start button to begin the match.

Players should be aware that Metro Royale mode is only available till January 12, 2021. Furthermore, a crate will also be given to the players when they play their first match in the specific mode.


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