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Project Baki 2 Codes

Get the latest Project Baki 2 codes and make sure to redeem them for free rewards before they expire!

I loved Project Baki 2 because it takes getting stronger quite seriously. You can join the gym to train, buy protein shakes for more experience gains, and keep your calorie intake up by purchasing different foods. As you get more powerful, you can take on new jobs that pay more Yen, fight others in the Ranked Arena, and challenge powerful bosses that you find around the map.

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I wasn’t very patient when I started the game and didn’t want to spend much time on grinding through low-paying jobs to get the precious Yen so I redeemed all the Project Baki 2 codes I could find. Luckily, I found a lot of them and secured a significant amount of this in-game currency and multiple stat resets and emotes.

You can skip the non-exciting part of the game as well if you redeem the codes we listed below—just make sure to do it before the codes expire! And for more anime-inspired Roblox fun, you can try Multiverse Defenders—we have the codes that bring freebies for that game as well!

All Project Baki 2 Codes

Working Project Baki 2 Codes

  • CREATOROWEN—Get 5 Million Yen (New)
  • NATSU3AM—Get Yen
  • SAMNKURE—Get 15 Stat Resets
  • MONKEYMODE—Get 3m Yen and a new title
  • PICKLEJAR—Get 5m Yen and 5 Stat Resets
  • RELICRESETTIME—Reset the relic
  • ROBLOXBACK—Get 1x Rocket Launch relic and 1m Yen
  • SHAWNANDWISE—Get 10 Color Rerolls
  • CODESFIXED—Get 1m Yen
  • FREEYEN—Get 5m Yen
  • YAKUZAPARTTWO—Get 2.5m Yen
  • AKIYAMAISHERE—Get 2.5m Yen
  • Utopia—Get Sturdy Emote and Stat Resets
  • SHAKE—Get Shake Emote
  • YOUNGGOJO—Get 5 Stat Resets
  • HOLLOWPURPLE—Get 2.5m Yen
  • FREESTATSIDKE—Get 5 Stat Resets
  • GOHANSOON—Get 5 Stat Resets
  • RYOMABABY—Get 19 Color Rerolls
  • LATEJULY4THUPDATE—Get 5 Stat Resets
  • LIONPRIDEBABY—Get 5 Stat Resets
  • GOATTATSUYA—Get 5 Stat Resets

Expired Project Baki 2 Codes

These Project Baki 2 codes cannot be redeemed any longer:

  • KingCrimsonAnd…SecretStyle??
  • SorryForShutdown!
  • welcomeTOTHEWORLDmochi!
  • CopeAboutDIO?
  • VampBeGone!
  • vampmaskplzplzplzplz
  • ohwowanothercode
  • TY4200FLRS!FromOwen:)
  • ZaWarudo!BakilandIsMine!
  • SomeoneNerfHurke!
  • OurFavoriteCanadianNeepa
  • IsItTeaTime?
  • WeLoveOsaWeHateCheddar
  • SomeoneNerfHurke!

How to Redeem Project Baki 2 Codes

To redeem Project Baki 2 codes, you can follow the instructions below if you’re struggling to find the right option in the game:

How to redeem codes in Project Baki 2
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay
  1. Start Project Baki 2 in Roblox
  2. Click on the cogwheel icon on the left side of the screen to open Settings
  3. Select Redeem Codes from the center of the new window
  4. Type in the code in the empty text box in the pop-up window (or paste a copied code)
  5. Click on the Redeem button below to claim your freebies

Where to Look for More Project Baki 2 Codes

You can look for codes in the official Project Baki 2 Discord community, but there is no dedicated codes tab on the server, so you will have to dig deep in the announcements section. Players can also follow the developer on Twitter (@SquidyCakez) for more updates about the game and join the Project Baki Roblox group.

Still, the easiest way to get all the latest codes is to bookmark this article and come back from time to time as we gather them all in one place and save you some time and effort.

Why Aren’t My Project Baki 2 Codes Working?

The first thing you should do if you’re experiencing issues with claiming your free goodies in Project Baki 2 is to double-check the spelling you used when entering codes. It is super easy to make a mistake and get nothing when you hit Redeem. For that reason, we advise copying and pasting codes whenever possible.

Some codes may also expire by the time you get to them even though they’re on our Working list. This can happen if the developers don’t announce expiration dates for each code. If you encounter a code that is not working, please, let us know in the comments, and we will update our lists immediately.

What Is the Project Baki 2 Trello Board Link?

Trello boards are great sources of information about Roblox games, and you can access them for free, even if you’ve never used Trello before—if you have the right link. On the Project Baki 2 Trello, you can find more details about fighting styles, locations, NPCs/bosses, items, relics, and more. If you want to have all this at your disposal, you can follow this Project Baki 2 Trello board link.

What Is Project Baki 2?

Project Baki 2 is a PvP anime-inspired Roblox game that serves as a sequel to another game by this team of developers—Project Baki. Your goal is to earn more power and become the strongest fighter in the game, but beware—the learning curve is quite steep. You will need all the help you can get to prevail, and Project Baki 2 codes are here to help. You can get amazing amounts of Yen and multiple stat and color rerolls/resets to redistribute your skill points whenever you choose to do so and find the winning combination more easily.

For free rewards in your other Roblox games, check out the rest of our dedicated Codes section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Project Baki 2 Codes