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Multiverse Defenders Codes (July 2023)

Get the latest Multiverse Defenders codes and make sure to redeem them for free rewards before they expire!

What does one do when evil forces start unleashing their hordes onto various anime worlds and threaten you with the total collapse of the multiverse? Well, you set up your towers as strategically as you can and hope for the best! But not all towers have been created equal.

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When I started Multiverse Defenders, I immediately redeemed all the free codes I could get my hands on and secured enough Gems to pull some very good units in the Summon tab. It goes without saying that those initial stages felt like a piece of cake. If you need some extra help as well, make sure to redeem Multiverse Defenders codes before they expire! And if you’re looking for more tower defense fun, you can try Touhou Tower Assault Codes—we can help with more codes in that game too!

All Multiverse Defenders Codes

Working Multiverse Defenders Codes

Here, you can find all the Multiverse Defenders codes that still work:

  • 3KLikes—Get 250 Gems (New)
  • 1mVisits—Get 100 Gems (New)
  • TanTaiGaming—Get 500 Gems 
  • 500kVisits—Get 500 Gems 
  • 10500servermems—Get 500 Gems 
  • Sub2BlamSpot—Get 500 Gems 
  • 2KFavs—Get 250 Gems 
  • 300kVisits—Get 500 Gems
  • Sub2GCNTV—Get 250 Gems
  • GiveGem—Get 500 Gems
  • 100kVisits—Get 200 Gems
  • Sub2oGVexx—Get 250 Gems
  • 20kVisit—Get 200 Gems
  • OpenBeta—Get 250 Gems

Expired Multiverse Defenders Codes

These codes don’t work anymore in Multiverse Defenders:

  • 50kVisits
  • 3KFavs 
  • 20kVisit
  • 200kVisits 
  • SorryForShutdown 
  • 500kLikes

How to Redeem Multiverse Defenders Codes

Redeeming codes in Multiverse Defenders does not work like in most Roblox games, so you might be a bit confused at first. If you’re not sure about what to do, you can follow our instructions below:

How to redeem codes in Multiverse Defenders
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay
  1. Start Multiverse Defenders in Roblox
  2. Look for a guy sitting on the bench when you spawn in the hub (across the way from Play, below the Cloud sign)—he has Code written above him
  3. Approach him, and the Code pop-up window will appear
  4. Enter your code in the Enter Code text box
  5. Hit the green Redeem button below to claim your free rewards

Where to Find More Multiverse Defenders Codes

The easiest way to stay on top of all the latest codes for Multiverse Defenders is to get back to this article from time to time as we work hard on collecting all the codes that can be redeemed for free rewards in one place. You can even bookmark this page for easier access.

However, if you want to get access to more information about the game and become part of the online fan community, you can join the game’s official Discord server and the System Arts Studio Roblox group.

Why Aren’t My Multiverse Defenders Codes Working?

If you’re not succeeding in claiming those freebies, make sure to double-check your spelling, especially if you’re typing the codes in manually. That’s the cause number one for the problems with redeeming codes in most Roblox games. The best prevention for such issues is to copy and paste the codes whenever you have the chance.

You may also be trying to redeem an expired code even though you found it on our Working list. That can happen if the developers don’t specify any expiration dates when announcing new codes. If that happens, please, let us know in the comments below, and we will investigate further.

How to Get More Free Rewards in Multiverse Defenders

You can get free Gems if you play the game every day. Just claim the amount for that day in the pop-up that appears when you spawn. Players who join the game’s Discord community can also keep an eye out for various giveaways and special events announced there for more opportunities to win valuable prizes.

What Is Multiverse Defenders?

Multiverse Defenders is a Roblox game made in the typical tower defense fashion. The gist of this game is that you have the chance to play with the units that draw inspiration from various popular anime shows as you have to defend the anime multiverse from evil forces. If you’re not new to the tower defense games, you know that you’re only as strong as your strongest units. With the help of Multiverse Defenders codes, you will get enough Gems to draw more powerful heroes in the game’s gacha-style summoning system.

For free rewards in your other Roblox faves, check out the rest of our dedicated Codes section here on TouchTapPlay and get all the help you can to become the best player around!

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Multiverse Defenders Codes (July 2023)