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Power Rangers All Stars: How to Unlock All Rangers / Characters

Power Rangers All Stars: How to Unlock All Rangers / Characters

It looks to me that Power Rangers: All Stars could’ve been named “Power Rangers: All” since you have so many rangers to unlock! Probably all of them (although there might be more – surely fans of the game know better than me).

Either way, I am here today to share with you all the tips and tricks you need to know on how to unlock more rangers in Power Rangers: All Stars. With so many characters to choose from, getting the rare ones unlocked ASAP should be your priority, simply because rarer rangers are better. And they give you Megazords if you have them all!

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out what we can do to unlock more characters / rangers in Power Rangers All Stars!

1. The Power Pass
The Power Pass is better when you have the premium feature unlocked. These are basically extra rewards that you get on top of your daily rewards and they usually have Raider Pieces for you.

The regular Power Pass – the one you get for free and you can access from tapping the icon in the upper right corner – only gives you some Raider pieces every now and then (and just a few of them).

But if you purchase the Mega Pass or at least increase the Tier of your regular Power Pass, you’ll get better rewards. It’s crazy expensive though, so make sure you really want to commit to this game!

2. Log in daily for the rewards
Each day, if you log in regularly, you will receive some sort of a reward in Power Rangers: All Stars. Every now and then, you will receive ranger fragments, so make sure that you log in daily to collect them all.

3. Dimensional Exploration
The Dimensional Exploration is a sort of an ongoing project, since you’ll be playing the increasingly difficult stages constantly in order to get as high up as you can with your current team. And every now and then, you will receive ranger shards for completing a specific level – so make sure you focus on getting as far as possible ASAP.

4. Play and replay missions
The easiest way to farm Ranger Shards, especially since you have control over what type of shard you’re getting is from completing and replaying missions you have already completed.

Most missions will reward you with ranger shards when you first complete them, but afterwards you have to replay them over and over again in order to get a chance at a character. Only the Hard missions can reward you with Character shards after completing them, so make sure to grind on the ones giving you Ranger pieces you really need.

5. Summon more rangers

Going to the Special Shop gives you the chance to summon rangers either randomly or from the themes featured in the shop.

This is the expensive method, as you will need to spend your premium currency for the summons, but there shouldn’t really be other places where you spend it anyways. So look at what’s on offer in the Special Shop and try your luck there. As a bonus, you get to select the color of the orb you want summoned, increasing the chances of getting shards for character you really want (so make sure to know its color).

6. Complete achievements
Completing achievements helps you unlock the Yellow Wild Force Ranger, by rewarding you with some pieces every time you complete an achievement. You will need to complete quite a few of these, since you need 84 shards to unlock it, but it will probably be your first 3-star ranger if you’re all for free to play.

7. Special events
There will surely be special events every now and then and they will reward us with various characters or at least Ranger shards. So keep en eye out for them and make sure to be very active whenever such an event begins.

These would be all the methods you have on hand to unlock all rangers in Power Rangers All Stars. If you’re looking for even more tips and tricks to help you get better at the game, we have them here for you.

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Power Rangers All Stars: How to Unlock All Rangers / Characters


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