Power Rangers: All Stars Guide: Cheats & Tips to Build the Winning Team

Today, we have for you some Power Rangers: All Stars cheats and tips in our guide, helping you to learn how to play the game like a Pro and get the most out if it easily. Because all rangers can do with a bit of extra help!

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To be honest, I wasn’t one of the fans back when Power Rangers where the shizzle, and I know very little about the lore and the world of the Rangers, with their crazy looking robots and zany outfits and skills. But I do appreciate a well made game and that’s what Nexon delivered – which is enough for me. So even though I might miss out on some important stuff that fans of the genre appreciate, I still have a lot of love for Power Rangers.

But I’m not here to talk about that right now. Instead, I want us to focus on the Power Rangers: All Stars tips and tricks in our complete strategy guide – so let’s get started!

Start by changing the camera position
Probably the last time I had problems because of the camera and objects that blocked the view was back when the Power Rangers were extremely popular, but fortunately there is now an easier fix for that: tap the camera button during battle modes and you’ll get rid of these problems. You don’t want to lose a fight because you don’t see your enemies – so always play with camera position 2.

Focus on upgrading melee Rangers first
Melee Rangers are, in my opinions, the most important, especially early on in the game. They also get the most damage since they’re the first to take hits, so focus on leveling them up first, then work on improving their equipment first.

The good news is that the game rewards you with the rarest rangers as melee ones, so you’re still working on the better ones in the game and you won’t have much to lose or consider resources wasted later on in the game when you unlock even rarer Rangers.

But even after you’re done with the melee ones, don’t waste resources leveling up all the Rangers you have unlocked. Most of them are pretty much useless and you will mostly use a main team of five. This means that you should only start leveling them up and upgrading their equipment when things start getting difficult in the single player missions – until then, just patiently wait to unlock more and see which work best for you.

Increase the chances of getting a Ranger you need (when summoning)
When giving it a go for unlocking a new Ranger from the Special shop, you can increase the chances of getting one that you really need by selecting the orb color similar to the color of the ranger you’re looking for.

You can do even better by buying the orbs that give you increased chances of getting Rangers from a particular series. The RPM ones are those you should focus on early on in the game, since they’re the default ones.

Buy items from the store
The in-game store allows you to spend regular currency on various items to upgrade your rangers. It’s easy to know what you need and what you don’t by looking for the green dot above an item: if it exists, it means that you need that particular item!

And if you don’t have money for it, worry not – the Shop will only show you new items when you manually refresh it, so take your time and keep the items in there until you can afford them!

Join an alliance and add friends!
Like in most games of this type, being part of an alliance comes with a bunch of perks and goodies, such as participating in alliance raids, trading items, completing challenges and more.

If you add friends (alliance members are not automatically friends!) you can also get a major advantage in all battles: a sixth Ranger to join your team and help you in battle! So make sure you’re part of an active alliance AND you add at least several friends in the game.

How to build the perfect team in Power Rangers: All Stars
With 51 Rangers to choose from and only 5 to bring into your team, you’re going to have to do some serious sorting in order to build the perfect team of rangers in the game. Fortunately, things are not very difficult (and don’t have to sum up to “just play with what you have, dude!”)

For starters, the main indicator if a Ranger is good or meh is their rarity: the more stars they have, the better they are. So you should always prioritize using the rarest rangers available. Next, know that you should always bring in a healer into the fight as it makes your life a lot easier.

Next, you should always look at two important things in the game: team synergy and elemental bonuses. For the latter, things are relatively simple: there’s a rock, paper, scissors mechanic working in the game meaning that an element is strong against another and weak against a third. If you plan your line-ups carefully, you can always get the elemental bonuses in battle, dealing 25% more damage to your enemies.

So make sure that you get some team rotation in place as well if battles become difficult, as an elemental bonus against a tough enemy can do wonders. You can check out the enemies you’ll be facing before each battle in the menu to the right.

Finally, the team synergies are extremely important as they offer added bonuses. You can check these out from your Team Settings screen, where you’ll find out that putting together different types of Rangers will result in all sort of boosts. Not to mention the fact that you can summon the Megazoid of your choice if you have all the required rangers in a team.

Play and replay missions, then research!
Power Rangers: All Stars is all about grinding if you want to progress faster. This means that you should replay the completed stages over and over again in order to increase your chances of unlocking more characters and getting valuable items to level them up.

An interesting feature here is that once you complete specific Hard difficulty missions, you unlock research missions that are basically rewards that you get for waiting a specific amount of time. This makes Hard difficulty missions even more important – so try to start playing these when you first log in to the game and only if you have more energy left, try the regular ones.

Complete the daily and weekly missions
Another great way to grab tons of additional resources and goodies is by completing the daily and weekly missions. My recommendation would be to always start your day by looking at the daily missions and trying to complete them all as soon as possible. The reward for doing so is not going to blow your socks off (you get extra energy), but all the other rewards add up and the extra energy is extremely useful when it comes to getting more missions done.

You also have daily log in bonuses and all sorts of events in the game that you should keep an eye out for and take advantage of, because this will make it a lot easier for you to unlock additional characters and goodies in the game.

These would be our generic Power Rangers: All Stars tips and tricks for players worldwide. We’ll have more in-depth guides published soon, so if you want some more specific stuff, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below – or at least keep visiting our website for more!

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Power Rangers: All Stars Guide: Cheats & Tips to Build the Winning Team

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