Popular MMORPG Sacred Summons Gets a Global Release Date of April 18th

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Sacred Summons, Appguru Technology’s popular Asian MMORPG, finally has a global release date – and it’s right on top of us. 

According to the press release we’ve just received, Sacred Summons will be available in North America, Australia, Indonesia, Europe, the Philippines, and a number of other regions on April 18th. 

That’s pretty much now. 

Sacred Summons is already a massive hit in Asia. More than 10 million players have downloaded it so far, while the recent Open Beta for the global release attracted over 250,000 eager MMO fans. 

Those fans helped the game’s developers to create a number of tweaks and improvements, all of which will be included in the full release.

They include more balanced pets, summons, and class skills, along with improvements to a raft of game features including event rewards, daily rewards, loot drop rates, server downtime rewards, summoning rates, and more.

There’s some brand new content to enjoy, too, with story quests, cosmetic items such as wings and costumes, and a whole new class making their first appearance in this global version. 

Here’s the lowdown on what could be one of the biggest mobile titles of the year. 

Sacred Summons is a graphically lush MMORPG that sees you playing as a Summoner, charged with defending the human realm from the evil forces of Chaos. 

Your first task is to pick a class from the six available, each one representing a different style of combat. There’s DPS, ranged, melee, and more, and once you’ve made your choice you get to customize your character’s skin tone, hairstyle, and much, much more.

There are more than 40 Guardians to summon into your stable, and over 100 different cosmetic items to collect, equip, and upgrade. 

Gameplaywise, you’ll spend your time completing story quests, taking on World Bosses either alone or with your fellow players, amassing loot in a range of different casual modes, and going toe to toe with human opponents in PvP. 

To begin your Sacred Summons adventure, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store on April 18th and get downloading.


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Popular MMORPG Sacred Summons Gets a Global Release Date of April 18th