Mamoswine is a new Defender that has been added to Pokemon Unite. It starts the game as Swinub and evolves into Piloswine at level 6. When you reach level 10, the Pokemon will turn into Mamoswine. This guide will tell you how to play Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite.

Mamoswine Best Moves in Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite has plenty of good moves that provide it with damage, crowd control, and mobility. We recommend you to pick Ice Shard at level one as it deals a lot of damage. Then you will be able to replace it at level 6 with Icicle Crash or Ice Fang. We recommend you the first option. At level 8 you can pick High Horsepower to replace Tackle as it gives you some additional mobility and crowd control. You can also choose other options and try to come up with your own build.

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Mamoswine Best Items in Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite is a Defender, so most of your item pick should improve its sustainability. As Held Items we recommend you to pick the next:

  • Focus Band will improve your HP and sustainability
  • Weakness Policy will increase your damage when your Pokemon receives damage
  • Buddy Barrier will give you a shield during your Ultimate Move

As the Battle Item, we recommend you Eject Button. It is always good for any character.

How to Play Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite is a Defender that can dive into the opponents’ position and deal a lot of damage. With your crowd control abilities, your teammates may deal a final blow and defeat the opposing Pokemon. Try to charge ahead and take as much damage as possible to protect your more vulnerable comrades.

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Pokemon Unite Mamoswine Build Guide: Best Items, Moves, and More


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