Gardevoir, the psychic goddess, is here in Pokémon Unite! Gardevoir is a ranged attacker that specializes in powerful area psychic moves. They can also hinder enemies with stuns and slow with the right moves, making Gardevoir quite the menace to deal with. Since Gardevoir is relatively new, a lot of people are still trying to figure them out. With that said, we’ve got some strategies for you here in our Pokémon Unite Gardevoir build guide for the best moves, items, and more!

How to get Gardevoir in Pokémon Unite

Gardevoir can be acquired from the Unite Battle Committee for either 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems. Unfortunately, as of now, there are no events that reward you with Gardevoir’s unite license for free, though that may change in the future. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events!

Gardevoir’s Best Moves

Gardevoir’s passive Synchronize will cause any slows and damage over time hindrances to be also applied to any aggressor. Synchronize has an internal cooldown and cannot trigger again within a short period of time, but it allows Gardevoir’s opponents to think twice about their target priority.

Every third basic attack will deal area damage and reduces the special defense of all enemies caught in the blast. This is an important part of Gardevoir’s move set, so make sure not to forget about it.


Confusion is Gardevoir’s first basic move, and is usually your first pick. Confusion is a simple skill shot that shoots forward and damages any enemies caught in it. This move morphs into Psychic or Moonblast.

Psychic is an upgraded form of Confusion. It’s still a projectile that you shoot, but when it either hits an enemy or travels the maximum distance, it’ll explode and leave behind an area of psychic energy that deals damage over time and slows enemies within. The upgraded version has a faster cooldown.

Moonblast is a projectile orb, but Gardevoir is propelled backwards as she launches it, making it a useful tool to create some distance. When the orb hits an enemy, it explodes into a cone, stunning the initial enemy and damaging anyone else caught in the blast. The upgraded version also grants Gardevoir a shield.


Teleport is Gardevoir’s second basic move, and it teleports them to a nearby location. After the teleport, Gardevoir’s next basic attack will deal more damage. Use this with its third basic attack for a strong area attack. This move morphs into Psyshock or Future Sight.

Psyshock is a targeted area attack that blasts a small area three times with condensed psychic energy. The same area explodes over a few seconds, which makes Psyshock potentially do huge amounts of damage. The upgraded version increases the amount of damage whenever a single blast hits.

Future Sight sets a bomb on a targeted area. After a second, the bomb explodes into a large area of psychic energy, dealing damage to any enemy caught in the blast. Future Sight’s cooldown is reduces whenever it hits an enemy, and the upgraded version removes the cooldown altogether.

Unite Move

Gardevoir’s Fairy Singularity creates a black hole at the targeted location. Enemies caught in the black hole’s radius will be pulled towards the center. The black hole collapses on itself and explodes after a second, dealing damage and shoving enemies away. Fairy Singularity has a short wind-up time, but after that Gardevoir is free to chain its other moves for massive damage, namely Future Sight and Psyshock.

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Gardevoir’s Best Builds

Moonblast / Future Sight — A strong combo that lets Gardevoir attack safely from afar with very powerful area attacks. You can set up Moonblast stuns into Future Sight explosions with some practice, and it’s a heavy hitter. Soften up your target first with a third basic attack for the lowered special defense, then blow them up!

Moonblast / Psyshock — Once again a good combo, thanks to Moonblast’s stun. Initiate fights with Moonblast, and immediately follow up Psyshock to get in a few hits. You might get all three hits if the opponent reacts slow enough, or if you have help from an ally. This combo is a little harder to pull off because of Psyshock’s multiple hits as opposed to Future Sight’s single blast, but the damage can potentially be greater.

Psychic / Psyshock — Gardevoir’s strongest direct damage combo. While Psychic lacks the utility that Moonblast has, it deals more damage and can slow enemies, which lines them up for an easy Psyshock.

Gardevoir’s Best Items

Held Items

Shell Bell — You’re going to be spamming moves a lot, and since Gardevoir has a lot of special attack, you’ll be healing a lot from the Shell Bell.

Wise Glasses — Straight damage increase for special attacks. This is a must-have item for Gardevoir!

Energy Amplifier — Increased damage after using your unite move. Since Fairy Singularity is built to chain with the rest of Gardevoir’s moves, this gives it huge burst damage!

Special Attack Specs — In the same vein as the Wise Glasses, Gardevoir can become a late game beast if you can reliably score goals.

Battle Items

X Attack — Any extra attack is always great to have.

Eject Button — Great for chasing or making close-call escapes.

Do you have any other recommended build ideas for Gardevoir? Let us know in the comments below!

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