Blissey, the helpful healing egg Pokémon, has officially joined the ranks of Pokémon Unite! Blissey is a supporter in Pokémon Unite, and it brings to the table a variety of moves to ensure victory. With movement and attack speed buffs, area throwing moves, and of course healing abilities, Blissey has a spot in just about any team composition. We’ve got a quick rundown on Blissey in our Pokémon Unite Blissey build guide for the best moves, items, and more!

How to get Blissey in Pokémon Unite

Blissey can be obtained from the Unite Battle Committee for either 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems. If you don’t have enough currency, you can always wait until Blissey is on the free rotation to try them out, or you can hope for a future event that will grant you Blissey’s license for free.

Blissey’s Best Moves

Blissey is a melee supporter with helpful team-enabling abilities. Before, the game really only had Eldegoss as its only healer, but now Blissey has arrived with a couple of useful healing moves. Blissey’s passive Natural Cure allows it to periodically remove any negative status conditions it has, which lets it stay in the fray for longer. Blissey also gets boosted attacks after a set amount of time has passed, unlike other Pokémon who have to attack a certain amount of times before they get one.


Blissey’s first basic move is Pound. Blissey slams the ground in front of it, dealing damage and decreasing movement speed to any damaged enemies. This move morphs into either Helping Hand or Egg Bomb.

Helping Hand greatly increases Blissey’s and any nearby allies’ movement and basic attack speed. All of Blissey’s basic attacks become boosted for the duration of Helping Hand. The upgraded version increases the potency of basic attacks. Helping Hand is the way to go if you have allies who rely on basic attacks as their primary source of damage, like melee attackers.

Egg Bomb tosses an explosive egg towards the targeted location, damaging and throwing any enemies caught in the blast. The upgraded version decreases enemies’ movement speed after they’re thrown. Choose Egg Bomb if your team is finding it difficult to engage, as a ranged throwing move can help your teammates initiate fights more.

Heal Pulse

Blissey’s second basic move is Heal Pulse, which heals both Blissey and a targeted ally over time. This move morphs into either Safeguard or Soft-Boiled.

Safeguard removes all negative status conditions from the targeted ally and renders them immune to hindrances for a short time. The upgraded version also grants a shield. Safeguard is the ultimate weapon against a team that is heavy on crowd control. The enemy team will bank on their stuns and slows to secure kills, and Safeguard can ruin all their plans!

Soft-Boiled throws a healing egg to a targeted ally, restoring both the ally and Blissey’s HP. Blissey can hold up to three eggs at a time. The upgraded version increases the amount of eggs held in reserve from three to four eggs. Soft-Boiled is a solid choice if you’re up against a team with low to moderate but sustained damage. Soft-Boiled is a bit of a riskier choice against an enemy team with high burst damage, however.

Unite Move

Blissey’s unite move is Bliss Assistance. Blissey dashes to a targeted ally, throwing any enemies caught in the path, shielding the ally Pokémon while also increasing their attack and special attack. Any damage the ally Pokémon takes splits between them and Blissey for the duration of the unite move.

This unite move has tons of different uses, like enabling an ally diving the enemy team to ensure they get all their moves off, or saving a wounded ally that is otherwise finished. A well-timed Bliss Assistance can swing battles in your team’s favor, so make sure to use it right!

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Blissey’s Best Builds

Helping Hand / Soft-Boiled — Blissey’s ultimate support setup. Help your team engage the enemy with Helping Hand and keep them topped off (and yourself!) with Soft-Boiled. If you’ve got a lot of melee attackers on your team, they will absolutely love you if you take Helping Hand! Blissey also deals a lot of damage with Helping Hand’s boosted basic attacks, so don’t forget about those!

Helping Hand / Safeguard — Another great support setup. Helping Hand buffs not only attack speed but movement speed as well, so it can be used both defensively and offensively. Safeguard is a great buffing tool that can help either an injured ally escape or a powered up teammate initiate a fight without fear of stuns or slows.

Egg Bomb / Safeguard — Blissey’s counter against teams that rely on a lot of crowd control. Egg Bomb can be used to throw off your enemies and help your team initiate fights, while Safeguard can be used to get allies out of bad spots. If you need to protect a single high-priority teammate, this build is the way to go.

Egg Bomb / Soft-Boiled — Blissey’s long-range support build. Pelt foes from afar with Egg Bomb to throw them, and then heal your teammates with Soft-Boiled. You’ll be missing out on the strong basic attacks, but this is a good fall-back if it’s too dangerous to get close.

Blissey’s Best Items

Held Items

Buddy Barrier on Blissey can make Bliss Assistance an unbreakable shield save. Bliss Assistance’s shield is already pretty strong, but when coupled with Buddy Barrier, you can make an ally near indestructible thanks to the damage splitting.

Focus Band can help Blissey stay in the fight longer. When Blissey’s heals are spent and your HP is critical, Focus Band can help you with some much-needed HP. Its passive defense increase is also very helpful as well.

Score Shield is also a good pick if you want to help your lane out. If your lane partners are struggling to score even with your help, you can take matters into your own hands with the help of Score Shield.

Battle Items

Movement items like X Speed and Eject Button are great choices for Blissey as it needs to make sure it’s in the right place at the right time to save or buff allies.

If you do take Score Shield as one of your held items, Goal-Getter is a good compliment to help you secure dunks.

And there you have it! Consider this a preliminary guide to Blissey, as they’re still a new character and strategies are still developing. Have any tactics you want to share for Blissey? Let us know in the comments below!

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