Blastoise in Pokemon Unite is a Defender type Pokemon that deals good damage. It starts the match as Squirtle then evolves into Wartortle on level 5. Finally, when it reaches level 9, it turns into a Blastoise. This guide will tell you this Pokemon and its best moves, items, and more.

Blastoise Best Moves in Pokemon Unite

Blastoise is a tanky character with abilities that deal good damage. At level 1, you should pick Water Gun, as it is helpful in early fights. Then the great choice for level 5 is Hydro Pump. This ability deals big damage within long-range and shoves the opposing Pokemon. You can use it to snipe your enemies and even some bosses. Surf is the best option at level 7. It works similarly with one of Slowbro’s abilities. You may use it to dash into the enemy team position and shove all the opponents.

Blastoise is tough and durable. It can survive some damage and deal it with its abilities.

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Blastoise Best Items in Pokemon Unite

Blastoise in Pokemon Unite is a Defender type character. It means that your item choices should be focused on improving his survivability and defense. Also, you can use something that will improve its attack speed and damage, as Blastoise is a ranged Pokemon. We recommend you to choose the next Held Items:

  • Buddy Barrier
  • Focus Band
  • Muscle Band

As your Battle Item, you can always use Eject Button. It gives you additional opportunities to escape or engage the combat. Also, Full Heal is a good choice if you want to be tougher.

How to Play as Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

Blastoise in Pokemon Unite is a combination of a tank and ranged damage dealer. You need to engage the combat and survive for as long as you can. Just don’t be too aggressive as you are not the hardest Pokemon to kill. Good luck in your further matches.

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