Pokemon Unite Absol Build Guide – Best Items, Moves, and More

pokemon unite absol guide

Absol in Pokémon Unite is a Speedster type of Pokémon with an Expert Difficulty to play. It doesn’t evolve and stays in one form. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about this Pokemon.

How to Get Absol in Pokémon Unite

To obtain Absol in Pokémon Unite you will need to buy a Unite License. It costs 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems. Once you bought it you will be able to use this character.

Absol Moves in Pokémon Unite

Absol in Pokémon Unite has two passive abilities:

  • Its Basic Attack boosts each of your third attacks. It deals an AOE damage and decreases the enemy’s Defense. If it hits a single target it deals additional damage.
  • Super Luck increases the user’s Critical-Hit Rate.

At level 1 you need to choose one of two Moves, while the other one will be given to you at level 3. These options are:

  • Feint – 8s Cooldown – Dashes in an arc, deals damage to opponents it hit. This Move also ignores Defense and shields.
  • Slash – 6s Cooldown – Blows twice in front of the user and increases its Critical-Hit Rate.

At level 5 you will be able to replace Feint with one of two abilities. Both of them will get the upgrade at level 11. These abilities are:

  • Night Slash – 5s Cooldown – Dashes straight ahead, deals damage, and increases user’s Critical-Hit Rate. The lower the enemies HP, the more Critical-Hit Rate Absol gets. Restores the user’s HP with the upgrade
  • Pursuit – 5s Cooldown – Dashes to the designated location and charges the opponents with the next basic attack. If you managed to hit the enemy from behind with this boosted attack it deals increased damage and reduces this Move’s cooldown.

At level 7 you may choose the one of two following Moves. It will be the replacement of Slash. These abilities will be upgraded at level 13.

  • Psycho Cut – 7s Cooldown – Attacks with psychic blades, deals damage, and decreases the opponent’s Movement Speed. The next three basic attacks to the affected opponents will deal additional damage. With the upgrade, this Move also increases your Movement Speed when you are moving to the opponent you hit.
  • Sucker Punch – 7s Cooldown – Locks on the opponent and decreases the Movement Speed of both the user and the target. After a short period of time, Absol charges the enemy and deals damage. If the user gets attacked before it charges, the ability casts immediately and shoves the opponent. Increases Basic Attack Speed with the upgrade.

At level 9 Absol gets its Unite Move. Midnight slash is a very powerful ability. It unleashes a big wave of psychic energy and then strikes with powerful magic blades. It deals a huge amount of damage and shoves opponents.

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Recommended Items

Absol in Pokémon Unite is a Speedster type of Pokémon. It deals a huge amount of damage with basic attacks and Crits. As Held Items we recommend:

  • Scope Lens to boost your Crits
  • Attack Weight to increase your Attack
  • Float Stone to increase your Attack and Movement Speed

As Battle Item we recommend you Eject Button as it gives you good mobility to escape dangerous situations.

How to Play Absol in Pokémon Unite

Absol in Pokémon Unite is a strong Speedster that prefers to focus on one enemy. It deals tons of damage with critical hits and can decimate most of your opponents in a “one vs one” type of combat. We recommend you to pick Feint at level 1 than Pursuit and Psycho Cut. Concentrate on ganking your enemies and attack the one who got out of comrades’ position and you will bring a free kill to your team. Good luck in your further matches.

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Pokemon Unite Absol Build Guide – Best Items, Moves, and More


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