Pokemon Unite Update Patch Notes

Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite has finally received its first balance update on November 10, which brought massive nerfs for some overpowered characters. The latest Pokemon Unite update features substantial adjustments to battle items and Pokemon to achieve the balance.

Beyond this, Season 2 has also gone live with the release of the patch, meaning trainers can once again grind for the glorious rewards. Here are the complete patch notes of the Pokemon unite Update.

Pokemon Unite Patch Notes Version

Character Adjustments

Greedent (Nerfed)

Pokemon Unite Greedent
Pokemon Unite Greedent
  • Cheek Pouch recover reduced
  • Covet bug fixed that would allow Belch to be used more frequently
  • Stuff Cheeks shield amount reduced
  • Bullet Seed damage increased
  • Belch damage decreased
  • Berry Belly Flop bug fixed when jumping

Alolan Ninetails (Buffed)

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales
Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales
  • Special Attack stat increased
  • Blizzard damage increased and cooldown reduced

Gardevoir (Buffed)

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Guide - How to Unlock Gardevoir
Pokemon Unite Gardevoir
  • Secondary effects improved
  • Cooldown reduced

Sylveon (Balanced)

  • Unite Move: Fixed Bug (HP recovery effect wouldn’t be activated properly)

Pikachu (Balanced)

Pokemon Unite Pikachu
Pokemon Unite Pikachu
  • Thunder bug fixed that would stop the move from activating

Garchomp (Balanced)

Pokemon Unite Garchomp
Pokemon Unite Garchomp
  • Rough Skin bug fixed that would see it causing more damage to Zeraora using Wild Charge

Battle Item Adjustments

Battle Items - Pokémon Unite
Battle Items – Pokémon Unite


  • HP recovery increased!

X Speed

  • Movement Speed increased!

Full Heal

  • Fixed Bug (Status effects were not removed properly, now fixed)

Please note: There aren’t the official patch notes, and they have been sourced from Serebii.

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Pokemon Unite Update Patch Notes


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