Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield are going to be massive games, despite lacking all of the Pokemon that have been created so far, and players will be able to tackle a lot of different challenges in the new Galar region. The regions are also going to feature a good number of gyms.

Speaking with Game Informer, director Shigeru Ohmori confirmed that there are 18 different gyms in Pokemon Sword And Shield, divided into minor and major leagues. Depending on the game, the gyms will also be different.

There are 18 different types of gyms in the story, and depending on the version, which gyms are in the minor league and which gyms are in the major league are different.

For example, in Sword, the fighting-type gym will be in the major league, but in Shield, the ghost-type. The idea is that every year, the Galar region is playing and which gyms make it into the minor league versus the major league changes.

The differences for gyms in the two games were confirmed a while back, but it’s still good to know that Game Freak is taking full advantage of the dual release format to offer something substantially different outside of different available Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword And Shield are going to feature a lot of new Pokemon, as well as new evolutions for creatures that have been included in the series for quite some time. The latest to get revealed is Sirfetch’d, the evolution of Farfetch’d, a Pokemon that made his appearance in Pokemon Red and Blue.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch on November 15th in all regions.


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