Pokemon Sword and Shield has plenty of different Pokemon in it. One of them is Marshadow. It is the token Mythical of Generation VII (the Sun & Moon series). So, you can’t catch it in the game’s main story and world exploration. But there are few ways where players were able to get this Pokemon. This guide will tell you how to get Marshadow in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Get Marshadow in Pokemon Sword and Shield

You can’t encounter Marshadow in Pokemon Sword and Shield by just playing the game. It doesn’t appear in the world during the game’s story or exploration. You can encounter it only in other games during some special events. Usually, you will need to go to a Pokemon Tournament or visit something like a GameStop chain during a special event or celebration. Unfortunately, the last event with Marshadow was held long ago. So you are unable to get it right now.

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Marshadow usually locates in Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, or Ultra Moon games. So, if you managed to encounter it during some event you will be able to get it there.

You can use different cloud services to transfer Marshdow to the game, like Pokemon Home. So, you are able to transfer it from the game where you caught Marshdow into Pokemon Sword and Shield. Also, it means that you actually can trade it with other players. This is the most stable way to get it. But, if you missed the opportunity to catch it, don’t get upset, as there is always an opportunity for a new event with Marshadow. The only thing Trainers need is patience, and maybe one day there will be another opportunity to catch this Pokemon. Good luck with your adventures.

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