Dusk Stones in Pokemon Sword and Shield are very important items that you will need to use for the evolution. Evolving your Pokemons is always an exciting thing, and make it as fast as possible is one of the main desires for most players. To make your wishes come true, you will need a lot of different resources for evolution. Dusk Stones are included as well. This guide will tell you where to find Dusk Stones in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Get Dusk Stones in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Dusk Stones in Pokemon Sword and Shield are quite rare recourses, but collecting a decent number of them shouldn’t be a big problem if you know where to find them. There are three locations where you can find a Dusk Stone.

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The first location is Stow-on-Side. You will need to go there and head to the Pokemon Center. There you should go to the right side of this building until you will get to its behind. When you will reach the dead end, you will see a Pokeball right behind the Pokemon Center. The Dusk Stone will be inside of it. It will not respawn again, so this is only a one-timed way of getting the stone.

The second location is the Lake of Outrage. You can fly to the Hammerlocke Hills and head to the lake. Then you will need to pass near a big rock and swim across the lake. After that, you will be able to see a location with eight big stone-like pillars that stand in a circle. You can find an evolution stone under each of the pillars, including the Dusk Stone. These stones respawn within a short period, so you can check this place every day to get more Dusk Stones.

The last way to obtain a Dusk Stone is the Digging Duo. You can find these two guys dressed in green clothes in the Bridge Field. You need to pay money to the right guy and he will generate a random item for you. He will give you a Dusk Stone.

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