Nintendo and GameFreak have talked about a new full main entry in the Pokemon series that is in development for the Nintendo Switch, but almost nothing is known about this game outside of the fact that it is in development. It looks like, however, that more news on the game may be coming soon.

A few hours ago, Twitter user Mug posted a cryptic tweet on his profile, which only says Pokemon soon. This user, however, managed to leak last week’s Nintendo Direct, so it’s undeniable that he may possess some information.

While the user didn’t provide a specific timeframe for this Pokemon news coming soon, it’s likely that they will be coming very, very soon. February 27th is known as Pokemon Day, as it is the anniversary of the series’ launch in Japan back in 1996. If Nintendo and Game Freak have to make a big announcement regarding the series, there would be no better day than this to make it.

The latest entries in the series are Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Evee. The two games are the remake of Pokemon Yellow, introducing some brand new features as well to make the game a worthy experience to both veterans and newcomers to the series.


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