The first ever event for Pokemon Masters has gone live. It is titled “Reached for the Top” and it includes a 5-star Sync Pair that you will surely love: Blue and Pidgeot. And we’re here to share with you all the details about this event.

In today’s guide to the first ever Pokemon Masters event, we’re going to learn all the details about the event itself, as well as some important tips and tricks to help you perform better.

The most important part to know is that there is enough time for you to complete the event, as it remains live until September 29th – enough to to maximize rewards.

But what to do if you don’t have the Reach for the Top event unlocked in Pokemon Masters?

Play the main story mode a bit more! This event only unlocks after completing Chapter 5 in the story. If you have completed it already, you will have the event. If not, hurry to complete it ASAP in order to unlock this 5 star event.

Reach for the top event: things to know

The event consists of 11 Story Quests and 15 Missions. The event itself will be pretty much straightforward and easy to complete. The only thing that might prove a bit difficult is getting the required number of Vouchers (complete co-op missions to ensure you have enough).

The event itself plays like your regular story missions, with similar rewards in terms of gems and other goodies. The only difference is that you’re playing with pre-set teams that you can’t change. Which is a good thing, as you can usually go through the enemies like a hot knife through butter.

All in all, if you manage to complete the event before the time runs out, you will receive a total of 350 gems as a rewards, which is really nice and worth fighting for.

And if you’re just starting to play this event, don’t be in a hurry: there’s enough time for you to complete it! Just pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each team you’re facing and you will be OK.

Also, during the event, if you want to improve your chances of drawing this 5-star sync pair, you should perform as many scouts as possible as there are greater chances for them to drop.

In my case, I tried 6 premium scouts in a row and didn’t get Blue & Pidgeot… so don’t expect to be raining with this pair either.

All in all, this is an interesting event that keeps us busy and gives something extra to do, while allowing us to collect Gems for a special drop. And I’m totally fine with that!

So.. how’s the event going for you in Pokemon Masters? Did you get stuck anywhere along the way? Let us know and maybe we’ll be able to help.

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  1. Hi! Currently I’m having an issue, I failed the first time playing the mod but it won’t let me play it again, I go to reach for the top and there’s no clickable button to send me to the event, then blue is in the Pokémon center and when I click him, he talks and it throws me back to the event page


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