Pokémon Masters Battle Villa Guide: Sync Pairs, Lucky Skills and More

Pokémon Masters Battle Villa Guide: Sync Pairs, Lucky Skills and More

While playing Pokémon Masters, players can meet a variety of Pokémon, as well as trainers from previous games in the series. To win battles, trainers must upgrade their Pokémon. To do this, you will need to farm certain resources, and one of the best places for this is Battle Villa. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete this and collect all the rewards.

Battle Villa Guide in Pokémon Masters

In Battle Villa, you can use 9 sync pairs to defeat bosses and get great rewards in the form of gems and lucky cookies. The latter can only be obtained in the Battle Villa. Once your team is strong enough, you can consistently receive rewards in the Battle Villa, which is updated every two weeks.

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To complete the Battle Villa, you need good Lucky Skills. But to get them, you need lucky cookies, obtained only in Battle Villa. It’s a paradox, isn’t it? You will also need lucky scrolls to unlock Lucky Skills slots. These skills are passive and will increase the various stats of your sync pairs. You can’t know exactly what skill you will get after using lucky cookies, but you can guess roughly. There are several types of lucky cookies:

  • Chewy Lucky Cookies will help protect against certain attacks.
  • Crispy Lucky Cookies help you cope with various status conditions.
  • Creamy Lucky Cookies help against debuffs.
  • And the latest Crunchy Lucky Cookies will help you increase your attack.

Using them, you can create a powerful team to effectively fight the bosses in the halls.

When it comes to sync pairs, you need to use the right tactics. Assembling a team based only on attack indicators is not the way to go. Since you only have 9 sync pairs at your disposal, you need to use them wisely.

We recommend that you take one sync pair which is effective against the weakness of your opponent—take Olivia and Lycanroc, for example, against enemies that are weak to Rock-type attacks—and pick up sync pairs for them that will complement them by increasing protection or restoring the move gauge.

Pick a team based on this pattern and do not forget in the tactics section to determine who will support your main damage dealers. Using all of these tips, with a little practice, you should be able to easily pass the halls in the Battle Villa.

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Pokémon Masters Battle Villa Guide: Sync Pairs, Lucky Skills and More


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