Pokemon Legends' Wyrdeer

Are you a true fan of the outstanding role-playing game Pokemon Legends? Surely you are. And his means that we have great news for you! In Pokemon Legends Arceus, you will find much more than a new take on an old genre. There you will find a new Pokemon to interact with!

Additionally, in the Hisui region, you will find some new characters to encounter. One of them was revealed in August 2021. Yes, this is Wyrdeer!

​Pokemon Legends’ Wyrdeer: the reason of existence

What do we know about this Pokémon? For the first, it is pretty close with people. For the second, it does everything it can to make people’s lives possible.

Stantler can evolve and become Wyrdeer in the Hisui region. People from this area treasured this Pokémon for many years because it is indispensable for them.

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When it evolves, it becomes way much larger. The fur garments made of its tail, bears, and legs give such important protection from cold.

There are the orbs on its antlers. They emit psychic energy. With the help of the orbs of black color that are located at the bases of this Pokémon’s antlers, it can generate and unleash psychic power. This energy is so strong that it can even distort space. Wyrdeer uses its antlers as antennae to find safe paths. Its place is at the head of the heard leading young Stantler.

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