The eagerly awaited new release coming next year, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set to be Pokemon fans’ most exciting games released in 2022. But will the game be multiplayer?

The game is mainly a single player exploration game full of adventure but many Pokemon fans have been asking if it will have multiplayer elements to it like other games in the franchise.

The Pokemon Presents Showcase has shown that the game will in fact have some multiplayer elements to it, just maybe not as some would have wished.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

On the official website for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it says there will be a hub location where players will retire to after a long day of exploration and adventure. At this hub, called Jubilife Village, players can connect with other Pokemon Legends players and trade Pokemon.

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It is yet unclear as to how involved the hub will be, and what else it will entail but we hope there will be a place for players to communicate with each other as well as trading. There is also no word on whether there will be player-on-player battling but some fans hold out hope!

We will keep you updated as we get any updated Pokemon Legends: Arceus news.

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