The latest update to Pokemon Go not only enraged players by removing the nearby Pokemon footprints, but for some it has also reset their progress, taking them back to level 1. This is clearly a huge deal breaker, but before you lose your minds, know that we are here to help and there might actually be a fix for your problem!

So read on to see what you can do to get your game back where you left it if the latest Pokemon Go update reset your progress and took you back to level 1!


The issue is apparently affecting iOS users in most cases and it has to do with the Google account that’s being used to play the game. Niantic knows about this problem and promises that no actual game data has been lost in this case.

So if after the update it appears that your progress has been reset, you will have to see if the game hasn’t somehow decided to use a different Google user e-mail for your account for some reason (for example, if you have more Gmail accounts).

In order to fix this, you have to follow the steps below:

1. Sign out of Pokemon Go (Main Menu – Settings – Sign Out) or just uninstall and reinstall the app. Apparently uninstalling is the best option here as in some cases the game doesn’t log you out properly.

2. Install or restart the game and select the Google login method.

3. When taken to the new screen, check the e-mail address shown in the upper right corner. Make sure that that’s the e-mail address that you have used when you have created your account because that is used to store your progress in the game.

If the e-mail doesn’t match the one you have used to create your Pokemon Go account, simply sign out of Google and log back in with the correct e-mail.

And this is it! You can now resume playing Pokemon Go from where you left it before the update came and “reset” your progress!



  1. My research progress has started over very frustrated done everything to fix it nothing works..


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