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Pokemon Go Little Cup Tier List – The Best Pokemon For Little Cup

Pokemon Go Little Cup Tier List – The Best Pokemon For Little Cup
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Pokemon is normally about putting together the most powerful team of units, nothing less than the best of the best with perfect stats. However, did you ever wonder what it would be like if there was a league where only Pokemon under a certain level could duke it out? Pokemon Go has put this to the test, creating the Little Cup.

In this tournament, only unevolved Pokemon with less than 500 CP are allowed in. It may sound like playing on easy mode, but that’s far from being the case. Pokemon at this stage are fragile and can be quickly knocked out. Never fear though, as by bringing the right units, you’ll have no issues advancing this league. These are the best Pokemon for Little Cup.

How To Choose Pokemon For The Little Cup

When it comes to choosing, you want to go with Pokemon that are hardy from the start. For example, you don’t want to use a bug Pokemon that’s weak until it evolves because it won’t last long. League battles in Pokemon are all about endurance and time management, so you want to incorporate that here.

Best Pokemon for Little Cup


A Slowpoke family from Pokemon.
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Slowpoke is a great option because as a Water and Psychic dual type, it can hold its own against a lot of different types. Despite being a starter form, it can learn really powerful moves like Confusion and Psychic that practically rip off chunks of damage. With a base stamina of 207, it definitely won’t go down easily. They are also easy to capture in the wild. Do be careful with it against Dark and Ghost types though.

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Pichu from Pokemon
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While it is a little bit specific in terms of type advantage, Pichu works well because of its high attack and stamina despite being a baby Pokemon. It can spam moves like Thunder Punch, making it a highly desirable unit. Spam moves means in this context that a Pokemon is able to juice up its charged attack very quickly and use it multiple times in a short window. This of course allows you to knock out the enemy’s units fast. Pichu will come in handy against Ducklett, which is a common Pokemon seen in the Little Cup.


Ferroseed from Pokemon
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Ferroseed is a Pokemon most people would probably overlook because it isn’t exactly the cute and cuddly type. Regardless, they are an absolute must for Little Cup battles because of their high defense stat. Thanks to being a Steel and Grass type, they have an abundance of resistances to other Pokemon, with their only real weakness being Fire and Fighting. You can use them as a main battling unit or as a meat shield when you need to switch out a Pokemon. Thanks to their universal utility, Ferroseed is a gem for Little Cup battles.


dratini from pokemon
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You can’t go wrong when picking most Dragon types because they are always strong from the get-go. In particular, Dratini is one of the most ideal. They can use Water type attacks, but as a Pure Dragon type, will not take damage from any Fire, Grass or Electric type they are battling. Their man fast move is Dragon Breath, which deals a lot of damage to most unless it is a Fairy type. The downside is that many of the good dragons are rare and difficult to acquire unless there is a special event, or you got lucky in an egg. However, if you have one, definitely use it.


tyrunt from pokemon
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A Dragon that is slightly hardier than Dratini is Tyrunt. In terms of stats, it’s pretty in the middle, not having one that particularly stands out from the others. However, thanks to being part Rock type, it won’t take as much damage from Poison or Normal types. You can have its charged move be Stomp, a move that can recharge quickly and do neutral damage. Tyrunt is a crucial unit because its skillset is not overly specific.


munchlax from pokemon
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Pokemon Go battles are different because when it comes to the Leagues, there’s no way to know what kind of Pokemon someone is going to use. Therefore, you want at least one neutral battler among your units. There is no better role for this than Munchlax, the pre-evolved form of Snorlax. They have an incredible stamina rate of 124 and can use moves like Lick, Tackle and Body Slam. If you already have a neutral attacker, Munchlax can also learn moves like Bulldoze and Gunk Shot. Put this one on your team because you can mold it into whatever it needs to be.


Salandit from pokemon
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Salandit is a great choice because it isn’t a rare spawn, has a unique typing, strong attack, and high stamina numbers. They are the perfect tool to counter Fairy types that you may encounter such as Igglybuff, Spritzee or Flabebe. Fairy types do not have many weaknesses, so you always want to be prepared for them. Salandit will also be able to counter a lot of Grass types. It does take a lot of damage from Ground types, so have someone to switch it out in case you need a cover.

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, check out the Little Cup in Pokemon Go today!

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