Pokemon Go has finally been launched and the entire world seems to be on a Pokemon hunt right now. But how to find more Pokemons in the game game and how to catch ’em all? We are here to try and help you with this guide that will give you all the tips and tricks you need to know in order to get all the pokemon in the game and do it fast!

Don’t forget to check out our previous article filled with Pokemon Go tips and tricks – and once you’re done and want to know how to find more of them, read on our guide on how to find and catch more pokemon in Pokemon Go!

1. I’ll start with something that can’t be probably applied to your case or most cases, but it has to be said: it’s a good idea to try and start playing the game away from a place you’ll spend most time in (like your home or work) in order to increase your chances of finding more Pokemon – apparently, the further away you get from your starting location, the more chances you have at finding some. If you already started the game – read on for other tips!

2. The easiest places to find a ton of Pokemon and Pokestops are the general places of interest in your city or the area. Think museums, art galleries, landmarks, parks or zoos. When I went to my local park, it was like Heaven for Pokemon collectors – while others reported that visits to the zoo were even better! So think about the places of interest in your city and pay them a visit first!

3. Just wait! For some reason, the game will spawn a wild pokemon near you if you are just patient enough. Just leave your app running near you and check it every now and then – you will, sooner or later, be rewarded with a brand new pokemon! This seems to happen at regular interval, no matter what the “nearby” meter tells you – so definitely keep checking your app even if you are stationary in an area that seems to have no pokemon!

4. The type of pokemon you get is usually influenced by your location. In other words, if you are near a fountain, at the beach or near water in general (your bathroom sink doesn’t count!) your chances of finding water pokemon increase. If it’s night, the chances of finding nocturnal pokemon increase – so make sure that you don’t limit your play time to a specific type of day if you want to catch em all.

5. Eggs can be a good source of pokemon as well. Just make sure you place the Egg in the Incubator and walk the required distance. Eggs can only be found (or at least that was my case so far) in Pokestops. But read below about Pokestop refreshes to stock up on your eggs!

6. Now that you know what you have to do in order to find more pokemon, here are some tips on what to do in order to catch them all or stock up on Pokeballs:

– Pokestops refresh after a given set of minutes. So if you visit a Pokestop and you can spend several minutes around, walk away and return after a short while – most likely it will be refreshed and you can visit it again. This is huge!

– In order to improve your chances of capturing a Pokemon (I would always do this when dealing with a rare one), use Berries. Use at least one berry before throwing your ball in order to improve your chances. Don’t use the berries for the rare ones, as you will rarely miss – but for the rare ones, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

– You can turn off Augmented Reality when trying to capture pokemons. This also seems to make capturing them a lot easier, so better chances to you. Plus, if you are in a really crowded place, you won’t have all people looking at you as if you were a lunatic!

These are our tips and tricks for catching more Pokemon in Pokemon Go, making it easier for you to capture them and offering some ideas on where you’ll find most of them. Just be patient if you are in an area that’s not filled with them – you will still get the chance to capture them!

If you have other tips on getting more Pokemon in the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!

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