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Pokemon Go Duskull Guide: Shiny Duskull Availability, Best Moves, and More

Pokemon Go Duskull Guide: Shiny Duskull Availability, Best Moves, and More

Duskull, the ghost-type haunted skull, is available to catch in Pokémon Go. It’s the baby form of Dusclops and Dusknoir, the mighty and mysterious ghost Pokémon. Duskull is getting somewhat of a highlight in the Ultra Unlock Summer event, but it’s not as big as the other Pokémon we’ve covered. Let’s get started with our Pokémon Go Duskull guide on shiny availability, best moves, and more!

Where to Find Duskull

Duskull was officially released in the world of Pokémon Go during Halloween 2017. You can catch Duskull out in the wild, but Niantic usually makes it much more common during Halloween of every year.

In addition to the normal wild spawns, Duskull will have an increased spawn rate in the wild during Ultra Unlock Part 2, which runs from August 6 to the 17th. If you’re looking to nab a Duskull and don’t want to wait until October, now is the time to do so! The special research to make 5 great throws for Ultra Unlock will also pit you against a Duskull.

How to Get Shiny Duskull

The shiny form of Duskull was released a few days after the regular Duskull was added to the game back in 2017. Trainers will have to hunt down Duskulls in the wild and hope they get lucky, as Duskull will have no spotlight for the upcoming Ultra Unlock raid events.

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Duskull’ Best Moves

Duskull can learn the following moves:

  • Fast Attacks
    • Astonish (Ghost, 8)
    • Hex (Ghost, 10)
  • Charged Attacks
    • Night Shade (Ghost, 60)
    • Omnious Wind (Ghost, 50)
    • Shadow Sneak (Ghost, 50)

As you can see, Duskull is strictly a ghost Pokémon, making it an ideal choice against other ghost and psychic-types. For fast attacks, go with Hex, as it has slightly higher DPS than Astonish. For charged attacks we recommend Ominous Wind, as it only has a slightly less power than Night Shade but has a chance to increase your attack and defense — only in trainer battles though.

That’s all you need to know about Duskull. Have any other tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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Pokemon Go Duskull Guide: Shiny Duskull Availability, Best Moves, and More


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