Pokémon Go Kangaskhan Guide

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular games where you can live as a Pokémon Trainer. There are lots of Pokémon you can encounter and today we are going to talk about Kangaskhan. This Normal type Pokémon of 1 Generation is very difficult to find because it is a region-locked Pokémon exclusive to Australia. This guide will explain to you where to catch it.

How to Get Shiny Kangaskhan in Pokémon Go

Shiny Kangaskhan in Pokémon Go is a rare and difficult Pokémon to catch. Kangaskhan is a region-locked Pokémon exclusive to Australia, so you can find it only in Australia. Sometimes it can be found in other regions during events like Ultra Unlock 2021 when all Pokémon that belong to a particular territory start to appear across the World. A Shiny version may be encountered anywhere in locations where regular Kangaskhan spawns. Also, you may obtain it through barter with other Pokémon Trainers or your friends.

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Kangaskhan Stats and Moves in Pokémon Go

Kangaskhan in Pokémon Go is a Normal type Pokémon. Its max stats are:

  • Max CP – 2924
  • Attack – 181
  • Defense – 165
  • Stamina – 233

It has good resistance against the Ghost type but is lightly weak against the Fighting type. The best Moves for Kangaskhan are Mud-Slap and Stomp.

Mud-Slap is a fast move of the Ground type. It deals 18 damage and generates 12 energy. It is effective against Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel types. The Move has a 1.4s cooldown and gets boosted by Sunny weather.

Stomp is a charged move of the Normal type. It deals 55 damage and costs 50 energy. It doesn’t deal improved damage to any type. The Move has a 1.7s cooldown and gets boosted by PartlyCloudy weather.

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