We were really happy to see that Pokemon Go doesn’t use up a ton of our cellular data when we explore the streets in search for new Pokemon, but unfortunately the same can’t be said about the game’s love for battery juice. As you probably noticed already, this application can quickly drain your battery, but we are here to help you out a bit with some Pokemon Go battery saving tips so that you can play longer and without having to worry (that much) about your device shutting down on you.

So without further ado, let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below all the methods that we could find to save battery life when playing Pokemon Go!


1. Probably the most obvious one is the feature that the app offers: you can turn on Battery Save Mode in the game’s menu and it does help. If you want to make it even more useful, simply turn your screen upside down and the device will show a black screen with a Pokemon logo, requiring less energy and therefore saving a big chunk in terms of battery consumption.

2. Download the offline maps of your region: this way, the game won’t have to continuously download and update everything online – this also speeds up the game a little bit. In order to do so, you will have to download the Google Maps app, navigate to your local area and into the menu of the app select “Offline Areas”. Tap the plus signs near the local area in order to save as much of it as possible.

3. Adjust your device’s brightness: the lowest setting will make your phone last more by a few hours compared to the highest ones. Low brightness settings make everything on screen a bit more difficult to see especially outside if the sun is shining bright, but make it a habit to continuously play with your brightness when using and stopping to use the application in order to save battery life – or even better, keeping it on low on all occasions.

4. Turn off the sound – it will indeed take away a bit of the fun and battles will be a bit more difficult too, but turning off the sound will make the game require less battery juice.

5. Don’t use the Augmented Reality – when capturing new Pokemon, you can turn off Augmented Reality (which uses your camera to show you the Pokemon in front of you) and that will save up a lot of battery. In my opinion, this will also make capturing them a lot easier too!

6. Turn WiFi and Bluetooth off
Whenever you are not using them or if you don’t need them (Bluetooth is required for Pokemon Go Plus, for example), turn them off. If you’re only relying on cellular data for playing – usually when walking down the streets – it’s better to turn off WiFi, because otherwise your device will continuously scan for WiFi options, draining your battery. Having the Bluetooth off also saves a bit of battery life and at the end of the day every little bit counts.

7. Stop apps running in the background because they too help use up more cellular data but also battery. This is easier said than done, because you won’t really like to shut down Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or those similar, but look at all the apps that are running in the background and turn off those you can live without.

8. Get a powerbank!
Although this is not a battery saving method per-se, it certainly is a way to keep you playing for a long, long time. Powerbanks are small, portable batteries: just plug in your device into them and you’re set! You have multiple hours of play time or usage time on the go: my favorite one is this one on Amazon (but if you want to get something else, look for a high mAH value – the higher, the longer the battery life). Alternately, you can get a very cool wearable powerbank to look like you’re from the future!

These would by my tips and tricks on saving battery life in Pokemon Go. Do you have other suggestions? Let us know by commenting below!



  1. hey, this really helped me… pokemon drains my battery very fast. 100% battery reduced to 50% within 1 hour…
    this tips helped me.. thanks


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