A new feature introduced in Pokemon Go is the ability for us to get Pokemon Babies and help them grow into adults that will help us become the best trainers in the world. Or at least have a lot of fun and a varied collection of Pokemon. Sure, that’s something that the people living in China won’t get to experience too soon, but for the rest of the world, this is a real treat!

And I’ve decided to come and share with you a complete guide to the Baby Pokemon feature in Pokemon Go. In this article, we’ll learn everything about the newly introduced Pokebabies, where to find them and how to get them all. And just to prepare you for this – put your sneakers on because you’ll have to do a lot of walking for these babies!

So, without further ado, let’s check out below our complete guide to the Pokemon Babies in Pokemon Go!

At the moment of writing this, there are 7 Pokemon Babies you can collect in the game, but I am sure that future updates will bring us more. Here is the list of the 7 kiddos you can get (and the adult Pokemon they’ll become if taken care of properly):

– Cleffa – Clefairy
– Igglybuff – Jigglypuff
– Pichu – Pikachu
– Togepi – Togetic
– Elekid – Electabuzz
– Magby – Magmar
– Smoochum – Jynx

Now… the most important question: how do you get all the Pokemon Babies?

You’ll have to work for them, that’s how!

In other words, in order to get all the Babies in Pokemon Go, you will have to do some serious Egg Hatching. There is no other way to get them at the moment, so you will have to visit Pokestops regularly in order to get eggs and hope that you’ll get one baby inside.

And since it’s difficult to know what you get until the eggs actually open, here is a list of waiting times for each type of Pokemon Baby, so you know which eggs to start working on if you want a particular baby:

  • 2 KM Eggs: Cleffa and Igglybuff
  • 5 KM Eggs: Pichu and Togepi
  • 10 KM Eggs: Elekid, Magby and Smoochum

After hatching the eggs and getting the new Pokemon Babies (maybe focus on the 5km eggs since Togepi/Togetic is brand new!), you will have to feed them candy in order to turn them into adults. It seems that all the babies require 25 candy, except for Togepy which required 50.

So you know now how to be properly prepared for hatching the new babies in the game and filling your Pokedex faster. Although “faster” is relative because you’ll have to walk a minimum of 44 kilometers in order to hatch one of each. But in reality you’ll have to walk even more because, well, not every egg will give you a Pokebaby…


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