Pocket Pioneers How to sell items

Pocket Pioneers is a simulation game where Tools play a pivotal role. Tools are used to gather important resources in Pocket Pioneers. Without them, players will have a hard time fulfilling orders, gathering items for self-use and upgrades and progressing the game in general. In this article, we will talk about how to get unlimited tools in Pocket Pioneers.

Before the latest update, Pocket Pioneers players were able to get tools with almost unlimited use by using a glitch between backpack and shed storage. To begin with, the glitch to get unlimited tools in Pocket Pioneers, players have to make sure they have two versions of the same tool in their backpack, one with only 1 use left, and the other one with 12 uses left. Once the requirement is met, go back to your homestead and interact with the shed.

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Now, Transfer both of the tools(one with only 1 use left, and the other one with 12 use) into your storage shed, and you will notice that both the tools have 12 uses left. So, in simple words, this Pocket Pioneers glitch used to increase the uses of tools which resulted in unlimited tools and you can do this again and again.

Unfortunately, with the recent updates, Pocket Pioneers unlimited tools glitch was patched out. At the time of writing this article, players can no more use this glitch to get unlimited tools. We tried a few others things and even looked in the internet for any working alternatives, however, there is no effective way to get unlimited tools as of now.

If you know any glitch or method, that is simple to implement then notify us in the comments below. We will make changes in this article.

Pocket Pioneers is currently available on Android platform.

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