Pocket Pioneers How to sell items

Pocket Pioneers is a simulation game that put players into an endearing world where they experience real-time multiplayer action. In Pocket Pioneers, players have their homestead which can be upgraded with new items and upgrades. Moreover, players can complete orders and challenges to get rewards, craft new tools, delicious recipes, go out for mining, fishing and much more.

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To grow your homestead or normally progress in Pocket Pioneers, you must know how to sell items. In this guide, we will talk about how players can sell their items via orders to get in-game currency and experience points.

How to sell items in Pocket Pioneers

As mentioned earlier, players can sell their items(generally food ingredients, etc) via the orders feature available in Pocket Pioneers.

To do so, players have to open the game and go the the Chicken-drone like icon located in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

Tap on it, and you will get a menu of all available orders that you can fulfil to get coins and experience points. The Orders menu in Pocket Pioneers also highlights the products required to fulfil orders, the next order arrival time, and a few other important information.

Assuming that you have the required items to fulfil an order in Pocket Pioneers, click on the send button located in bottom right corner of the Orders menu.

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After you have send an order out, the items will be deducted from your Pocket Pioneers player inventory and you will get your coins and experience points.

So, that is how you sell items in Pocket Pioneers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

Pocket Pioneers is currently available on Android platform.

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