We didn’t really enjoy Pocket Mobsters here at Touch, Tap, Play! but we do know some people who got really hooked by the game and for them – and not only – we have decided to create our own Pocket Mobsters strategy guide, sharing with you a few viable strategy tips and tricks that will help you become a real pocket mobster. So, from Shakedowns to Gang tips and more, here are TTP’s Pocket Mobsters tips, tricks and strategies!

Completely Clear all Areas
You’re not a real mobster if you don’t care about bonuses, and this is exactly what you get when you completely clear an area around you (all the fights and all the shakedowns). So never perform a rescan before you complete an area, or you will lose not only Endurance, but also a great bonus!

Know the interface
Make sure that you know what each button does and what each stat stands for. Here’s a short summary, all in one image:

pocket mobsters interface

Hire the right crew members
The golden rule of thumb here is to hire new Crew members as soon as they become available and make sure to use them and them only in combat because they do the most damage.

Crew Combos
It’s a trial and error thing here, but using your crew members in the right order will give you some powerful attacks. The one I found so far is using No Face after Beltwhip, but I am sure that there are more possible combos to try out:

pocket mobsters tips crew combos

Complete Jobs
The missions of Pocket Mobsters, jobs give you extra XP and reputation, so make sure you complete them fast.

Fights first, shakedowns second
A good strategy is to start the fights first in an area, because you will lose health. Then use the remaining energy on Shakedowns, where you don’t risk losing any health. This way, you max out the cleaning area and get the chance to complete each area as soon as possible.

Join an active Cartel
Try going with one with more members, not necessarily one close to you. A solid cartel can help you a lot in battle, offering big bonuses on various levels. Make sure to visit the Cartel page yourself and invest your reputation in upgading those bonuses!

pocket mobsters cartels

Upgrade your crew
Training your crew uses regular coins and gives you big advantages in combat. It only makes sense to upgrade your best performing crew members, so until you unlock them all, just bank up on the money and don’t waste them on low level mobsters!

Whack some mobsters
This is a good way to get some extra experience, money and fame. Simply go whacking other mobsters (aka real players), making sure you don’t choose ones with way more friends than you have. Or do that if you want to lose…

There really is not very much to do in terms of strategic play in Pocket Mobsters, but as you can see we still managed to build up a nice list of Pocket Mobsters tips and tricks and we hope you found them extremely valuable. If you have different approaches or if you managed to find other combos in the game, let us know by commenting below.

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