Plants Vs. Zombies 2 received the soft launch treatment, being available right now in Australia and New Zealand. We now have some extra details about the game and how freemium works in this case. IAPs (or “in app purchases”) are pretty expensive and will probably become vital at a given point in the game, probably making some people spend more than they would’ve spent if they only paid once to get the game.

Therefore, the Plants Vs. Zombies 2 IAPs are pretty expensive and extremely varied, ranging from special plant purchases to upgrades and regular coins. PopCap did say that they are still testing things out so the final prices might be lower when the game fully launches, but until then here are the outrageous costs:

Premium Plants in Plants vs Zombies:

Squash – Smashes a nearby zombie: $2.99
Imitater – Mimics a seed packet: $2.99
Snow Pea – Shoots pea that slows zombie: $2.99
Jalapeno – Ignites a whole row of zombies: $2.99
Torchwood – Ignites peas for double damage: $2.99
Power Lily – Creates one Plant Food: $2.99

Upgrades in Plants vs Zombies:

Shovel Bonus – +25% sun refund when shoveling: $1.99
Plant Food Bonus – +1 Plant Food slot: $1.99
Sun Bonus – +25 starting sun: $1.99
Bonus Seed Slot – +1 seed slots: $1.99

We still have no details on how much you can play the game without having to buy these upgrades and premium plants, but we do have the feeling that eventually you will feel the burning need to get them. Thanks for sharing!

So what do you think about these IAP in Plants vs Zombies 2? Do you like this freemium model or you prefer the classic “pay once, enjoy forever” model?



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