Plants vs Zombies 2 has just been released in two countries right now and the highly anticipated sequel to the popular iOS and PC game is already proving to be an instant hit. However, as you probably know already, playing the game is not a piece of cake, and this is the exact reason why we have decided to come to you with some Plants vs Zombies 2 tips and tricks to help you get better at the game and make sure that you destroy all those zombies before they get to you.

There are multiple play strategies when it comes to Plants vs Zombies 2 but we doubt that yours differs radically from ours and therefore we’re sure that this whole set of Plants vs Zombies 2 tips and tricks will help you get your game on and send the zombies back to their graves (once again).

Generic Plants vs Zombies 2 tips & tricks

1. The Sunflowers are some of the most important flowers in the game and you need to start by planting one, then continue to plant as many as possible. Here are some strategies to consider when planting Sunflowers:

– Always start with a sunflower and add the second as soon as possible
– Always plant Sunflowers up in the back to protect them from the zombies. They are your main sun income and you need them running!
– A good strategy, especially later on, is to keep the first 2 rows for sunflowers and only plant offensive plants from the third row on.

2. Learn your plants
There are many plants making a comeback from the previous game, but also a bunch of new ones. Make sure that you know exactly what each plant does, you have tested it at least once and when you have to make a selection of plants before starting a level, you know exactly what each plant does.

3. See where the zombies will be coming from: at the start of the level, you will see from where will the zombies come from, at least at the beginning. Make sure to remember that, not to place a peashooter or something at the wrong place.

4. Cheap and useful: the Potato mine. At just 25 Sun requirement, the Potato Mine is an incredibly useful ally as it has a pretty fast recharge rate and can work really well as the last line of defense against a zombie. Until now we’ve always taken the Potato Mine with us and saved our sorry compost on numerous occasions.

5. The Bloomerang is also an extremely useful plant to get and use in Ancient Egypt at least for the series of zombies hidden behind obstacles. The Bloomerang attacks the entire row twice (one when it launches the boomerang, and once when it returns) making it a very useful plant against the zombie “series”.

6. Don’t rush on spending your gold on the Power-ups. They are indeed extremely powerful and fun to use (we particularly like the Power Pinch) but they are also expensive and not always required to keep on going. Use them sparingly and only when the situation really requires them to be used.

7. It’s all about the timing: some zombies are faster than the others and you should always time your plant placement right and make sure you always get rid of the biggest threat first.

8. Learn the zombies: just as important as knowing what all your plants do, easily recognizing the zombies and what they powers and weaknesses are is vital for a successful game in Plants vs Zombies 2.

9. The star level priority! Star levels are extremely important and generally very difficult. This is where you should invest more in Power ups and upgrades and be ready to adapt your strategy to the requirements.

10. Remove plants: don’t forget that you can remove plants from the board at any given time and you’ll also get a small refund. Not always the best choice to deal with things, but there are times when selling one or some of the plants and purchasing a different one can actually save the day!

11. Don’t go for the most expensive plants! Obviously, expensive plants are also better, but don’t forget to have at least a cheap one offensive plant to start with, otherwise it will take you too long to afford placing these expensive ones.

12. Be patient and keep trying: as I said in the intro, there are actually multiple approaches that can work really well so don’t be afraid to lose – it happens! Learn from your mistakes, check out the plants again and give it another go. Patience will take you far, especially in a game with the complexity of Plants vs Zombies 2.

Finally, the last obvious one is going for in app purchases. If nothing seems to work, your only way of dealing with the level might be spending some real money for some virtual advantages.

I am sure that there are a ton more strategies for Plants vs Zombies 2, so please share your tips with us in the comment section below.