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Pickle Pete: Survivor Best Build | Best Gear, Mutations, Hero & Loadout

Here are some of the best build options for Pete in Pickle Pete: Survivor.

Pickle Pete: Survivor is a fast-paced action survival shooter that has unlimited build potential. With a variety of weapons, items, gear, and even Mutations, there is no shortage of unique builds you can potentially do. But, what are some of the best options for you? We’ll explain everything in our Pickle Pete: Survivor best build guide with the best gear, Mutations, and heroes.

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The best builds in Pickle Pete: Survivor

The most fun aspect about Pickle Pete: Survivor is the amount of crazy builds you can come up with, thanks to the gear and Mutation systems. There are a lot of things to try, so here’s a quick rundown on some of your best choices.

Because there are so many great options to pick from, there is no one “best” build in the game. There are some very good choices in comparison to others, but almost everything can be viable in this game. An example good build would be something like this:

  • Hero: Willy the Wiener
  • Weapon: SMG
  • Gear set: Jester/Superman/Cowboy/Viking
  • Mutations: Head Start, Critical HP, Heatshot

There are just so many ways to build this that we’ll walk you through each option individually. Ready to build?

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Best hero in Pickle Pete: Survivor

The Pickle Pete: Survivor community unanimously agrees that the best character in the game is Willy the Wiener. Take one look at his ability, and it’s not hard to understand why—whenever he dodge rolls, he gains 30% attack speed for 2 seconds after the roll animation finishes. He can roll out of danger and blast his foes in the blink of an eye!

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That isn’t to say that the other characters aren’t bad. Cobby McCorn drops a pipe bomb whenever he rolls, which is good for clearing areas out. Pea Man gains 200% Pick Up Radius when he’s rolling, which makes him the best for farming up lots of pickles. Though, for general combat purposes, you should stick with Willy.

Best gear in Pickle Pete: Survivor

In terms of weapons, that is completely up to you. A universally good choice is the SMG, as when it is high rarity, it has an extremely fast attack rate and it deals good damage. Of course, depending on what gear set you’re going to go with, you can change your weapon accordingly.

In terms of gear, you have a bit more flexibility here. Assuming we’re comparing all gear sets at legendary rarity, they all have their uses, so choose a set based on your play style. For reference, here are each sets’ general boosts and set bonuses.

SetMain statsSet bonus
VikingMax HP, Armor, Melee DamageAttack speed +10% and crit chance +5% for all melee weapons
JesterLuck, XP Gain, Interest, Dodge Chance10% discount on all shop items
SupermanAttack Speed, Move Speed15% chance to become invincible for 2 seconds when hit
WizardElemental Damage1% chance to gain +10 elemental damage for 5 seconds on attack
TravelerPick Up Radius, Pick Up Heal10% chance to increase move speed by 30% for 2 seconds when hit
CowboyRanged Damage, Crit ChanceAttack speed +30% when below 30% HP
BankerPatrol Earnings, InterestEnemies have a 10% chance to drop a coin on death
MechanicMechanical Damage, ArmorSpawn sparks of electricity to zap nearby foes when hit

As an example, if you prefer using melee weapons, you’ll probably want to build the Viking set. If you like ranged weapons instead, go for Cowboy. The Jester set is a good universal set as it has a lot of utility stats, plus the shop discount is really nice no matter how you’re building.

Also, if you completed the Banker set, be sure to equip before you stop playing the game for the day. That way, the next time you open the game, you get to reap the benefits from the increased Patrol Earnings.

Best Mutations in Pickle Pete: Survivor

Since you can only equip up to three Mutations, knowing which ones are good is crucial. There are lots of different options, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, but here are some Mutations that are considered to be universally good.

  • Head Start: Get one level up lottery with only rare choices when the level starts.
  • Critical HP: Critical hits restore 3% of damage done as health.
  • Parasite: Enemies have a small chance to drop medkits.
  • Heatshot: 1% chance to kill enemies instantly.
  • On a Roll: +25% critical chance for 10 seconds after a successful dodge.

The other Mutations are all situational, so feel free to experiment and see what fits your play style the best. For example, there are four Mutations that increase the chance of finding specific weapon types, so take one of those if you like using certain types.

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Pickle Pete: Survivor Best Build | Best Gear, Mutations, Hero & Loadout