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Pickle Pete: Survivor Guide, Tips & Tricks

Improve your survival skills with our Pickle Pete: Survivor tips and tricks guide.

After an experiment to create the ultimate pickle goes horribly wrong, Pete accidentally leaks a deadly gas into the world, turning the whole city into mindless zombies searching for pickles to munch on! And, it just so happens that Pete has mutated into a pickle. So, what do we do in such a pickle of a situation?

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We blast our way out, of course! Pickle Pete: Survivor is an action survival game in the vein of games like Knight Survivors and Mow down hordes of zombies while earning experience and pickles to unlock new abilities and weapons. We’ll get you started with our Pickle Pete: Survivor tips and tricks guide!

Pickle Pete: Survivor tips and tricks guide

Pickle Pete: Survivor is a straightforward enough game that anyone can pick up and enjoy, but there are some nuances to it that we’ll explain in this guide. These tips and tricks should help you survive the zombie onslaught.

The basics of survival

Pete auto-fires his weapons at the nearest target, so all you need to worry about is moving, and you should do just that. Staying still is the quickest way to get surrounded, so you want to always make sure that you’re staying on the move.

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When you’re in a pickle (sorry, we can’t help it), be sure to use your dodge maneuver. It has an 8-second cooldown and grants invincibility frames while sending you forward a decent distance, making it the perfect get-out-of-jail-free card.

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Slain enemies drop pickles, which double as both experience points and currency. Pick up enough pickles to level up, and at the end of the wave, you get to pick one stat bonus from a randomly selected set of three.

The stats you roll can vary in rarity, going from common (white), to uncommon (green), to rare (blue), and finally to epic (purple). If you roll a high rarity stat, it’s usually a good idea to pick it, unless you have a specific plan in mind.

Any pickles not picked up at the end of the wave are added to the jar. On the next wave, pickles are worth double the amount of currency and experience, and it lasts for as many pickles you have in the jar. So, don’t worry too much about collecting pickles as soon as they drop. It’s better to avoid damage than to rush some pickles.

Be a smart shopper

At the end of each wave, after you have chosen your stats if you leveled up, the next stop is to hit up the shop. Much like your stats, the shop offers three random goodies that you can purchase with pickles.

There are weapons and items. Weapons change how you attack enemies, and Pete can hold up to six of them at a time. Items grant passive bonuses (and sometimes negative effects), and Pete can hold as many as he likes.

Weapons and items also have rarities, also similar to the stats. You can upgrade items into the next rarity if you buy a copy of the item in question. For example, you start the game out with a common Pistol, but if you get another one, you can merge it into an uncommon Pistol. You can do this by tapping a weapon with the green arrow indicator and hitting the merge button.

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See something you like, but it’s too expensive at the moment? Go ahead and press the padlock button underneath the item—this guarantees the item will show up the next time you visit the shop. This is an incredibly useful feature, and it’s completely free to do, so don’t forget about it!

Have any items you don’t want or need? Running out of room for weapons? You can recycle unwanted items or weapons to get a tiny bit of pickles back. It’s usually not much, but hey, everything counts!

Know your stats

We’ve talked about stats a bit so far, but you should know what each one means. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory like damage, move speed, and attack speed, but there are some other ones that aren’t so obvious, like interest, mechanical damage, and more. Here’s a complete list.

  • Damage: Your overall damage.
  • Max HP: Your maximum health.
  • Attack Speed: How fast your weapons shoot or swing.
  • Regeneration: Your natural health regeneration.
  • Armor: Each point of armor decreases the amount of damage you take.
  • Pick Up Heal: The amount of health you restore upon grabbing a bandage.
  • Pick Up Radius: The invisible radius around you that determine when items are automatically pulled into you.
  • Move Speed: Your moving speed.
  • XP Gain: How much bonus XP you earn.
  • Dodge Chance: Your chance to completely avoid a single hit.
  • Crit Chance: Your chance to land a critical hit.
  • Crit Damage: The amount of bonus damage added when landing a critical hit.
  • Life Steal: The amount of health you absorb when dealing damage to enemies.
  • Melee Damage: Your bonus damage with weapons like swords and batons.
  • Ranged Damage: Your bonus damage with weapons like guns and crossbows.
  • Elemental Damage: Your bonus damage with weapons like staves and plasma guns.
  • Mechanical Damage: Your bonus damage with weapons like grenades and sentries.
  • Luck: Increases the chance for higher rarity items and weapons from level ups and the shop.
  • Patrol Earnings: Increased rewards from Patrol.
  • Boss Damage: Your bonus damage dealt to bosses.
  • Interest: Earn this amount of pickles from your current pickle amount upon entering the shop.
  • Knockback: How far enemies are knocked away from you when hit.

The most important thing to know about stats is to make sure that you’re taking the correct damage type. Every weapon in the game has some sort of damage type, so if you’re stacking weapons of a single type, make sure you get those damage stats.

If you’re ever unsure of what type of damage a weapon deals, simply look at its info box and it’ll tell you. The info box also tells you if the weapon inflicts any kind of status effect; for example, some weapons can make enemies bleed, causing damage over time.

Gear out your pickle

Before you start a run, you can equip gear to Pete to grant him passive bonuses. Like everything else in the game, gear comes in different rarities. The higher rarity the piece of gear, the more perks it has unlocked. Because of this, it is generally a good idea to just equip your highest rarity gear.

You can use designs and coins to upgrade gear, which increases its main stat. On top of that, almost every piece of gear in the game belongs to a set—if you equip enough pieces from the same set, you’ll activate its set bonus. Some of these set bonuses are trivial, but some are very strong, so be sure to read up on the ones you have.

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If you get multiple copies of the same piece of gear, you can actually merge them like you can with weapons. Tap the anvil button to go to the forge, where you can merge, sell, and reset gear. In order to merge gear up to the next rarity, you need three copies at the same rarity level. For example, three common Pistols are needed to merge into an uncommon Pistol.

Be talented and a little mutated

Talents are passive perks that can grant permanent stats to Pete. In the Talent menu, you can upgrade a randomly selected Talent. Every time you do so, the coin cost goes up, so it gets quite costly, but very much worth it. If you’ve got the gold to spare, it’s always nice to invest in Talents.

Mutations are also passive perks, but you can only equip three of them at a time, and they grant special effects instead of just flat stats. Mutations can complement any kind of build, you just need to know which ones to look out for. It’s best to experiment with them and see which ones you like the most.

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Pickle Pete: Survivor Guide, Tips & Tricks