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Knight Survivors Guide – Walkthrough, Tips, and Tricks

Learn some tips and tricks for becoming the ultimate survivor in our Knight Survivors guide.

Monsters are taking over the world, and it’s up to the brave knights to put an end to them in Knight Survivors, a top-down action game. If you love games like Vampire Survivors as much as we do, you’ll find plenty to like here in Knight Survivors.

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Hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies while leveling up and collecting items and weapons to make you an unstoppable force. There are lots of different ways to take down enemies, so we have some pointers for you in our Knight Survivors tips and tricks guide.

Tips and tricks to surviving in Knight Survivors

As we mentioned, Knight Survivors is very similar to Vampire Survivors, and as such, it borrows a lot of mechanics. If you’re familiar with Vampire Survivors, you know exactly what to expect here, but don’t worry if you’re not, as we’ll run you through all the important beats.

The basics of weapons, items, and awakening

Your main source of power in Knight Survivors is from leveling up and getting items. Enemies drop experience crystals when they are defeated, so make sure to run around and pick up as many as you can. Green crystals give a tiny amount of experience, blue crystals give a moderate amount, and yellow crystals give the most.

Whenever you level up, you get to choose one weapon or item from a randomly generated selection of three. Weapons are yellow, while items are blue. Weapons are active effects that fire off just like your equipped main weapon, and items are passive effects that are permanently activated. You can have up to six weapons and items each.

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You may see the weapons or items you already have. Getting the same weapon or item will rank it up to the next level, and improving its effects. If you get a weapon up to max level and have the matching item, the weapon will awaken, turning into its ultimate form.

At the start of every run, you should make it a point to get at least one awakened weapon as soon as you can. How do you know which items you need to for awakening? Just look at the bottom of each weapon or item card, and it’ll show you what it can awaken.

Take out bosses for more loot

Occasionally, an enemy that is larger than the others will spawn somewhere on the map. This is a mini-boss, and it has more health than usual. It doesn’t have any new attacks though, so you should be able to take it down with minimal effort.

Upon defeat, mini-bosses drop golden chests, which reward you with multiple random weapons and items. These chests are a fantastic way to speed up your awakening process significantly, assuming you have some luck on your side, so beat up the bosses when you see them.

At certain time intervals, a proper boss spawns somewhere on the map. When this happens, all other enemies are instantly destroyed, so that you can focus on taking down the boss. Unlike the mini-bosses, bosses have new attacks that can really hurt, so watch out for the telegraphs and dodge accordingly.

Level up as much as you want

On the main menu, you can deck out your knight with new weapons and gear that improves their stats. You can also equip helper knights that follow you around in battle and throw out their own attacks. Both gear and knights can be leveled up to improve their power.

Leveling an item or knight up requires gold and scrolls. You come across gold naturally, but the scrolls are rarer, as they only drop during levels. Once you have enough, you should level up whatever you have as soon as possible.

Items and knights have rarities, so naturally the higher rarity stuff has better potential in terms of stats. Don’t worry about investing too many resources into lower rarity stuff, as you can refund ALL resources spent on equipment or knights by simply tapping the red downgrade button. The best part is that it costs nothing to downgrade.

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So, don’t hold back on leveling up your stuff. There is no point to doing so because you can get all your resources back with the tap of a button!

Powering up your squad

You can equip up to five knights to take with you into battle. They all come equipped with their own weapon, which are the same weapons you can use yourself. If you get a weapon upgrade that matches one of your knights, they will also benefit from it.

Knights can be leveled up just like gear, but they can also be combined to increase their rarity. Don’t fret if you end up getting copies of the same knights you already have, as you can combine them.

To get more knights, you must open the chests from the in-game shop. You can do this using either keys you earn from completing achievements and levels or with gems. You also earn equipment from these chests, so open them at your own pace.

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Climb the evolution tree

After you complete the first couple of levels, you unlock the evolution tree, which contains set upgrades that you can purchase with gold. These upgrades do things like increase your max HP, attack, defense, and so forth. These unlocks are permanent, so don’t neglect the evolution tree.

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Check in with your patrol

Your knights are always out on patrol even when you’re actively playing the game. They take down any enemies they come across, earning you gold and experience over time. To claim the spoils, simply log into the game and tap on the patrol button.

Your knights earn more goodies depending on how far you’ve progressed through the main levels. If you want to improve your patrol earnings, be sure to start working on the levels. If you’re planning to be away from the game for a while, be sure to open it now and then to claim your rewards.

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Knight Survivors Guide – Walkthrough, Tips, and Tricks