Phantom Brigade: Best Weapons Ranked

Phantom Brigade weapons
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Phantom Brigade is a strategy game full of powerful mechs where you get to see what your enemy is planning to do in the immediate future and strategize accordingly. To provide the best response to the enemy’s moves, you can rely on a wide range of different weapons. However, not all of them are made the same.

As in every game where you have so many options to choose from when it comes to combat, it can be difficult to select the right weapon in this turn-based tactics title under the development of Brace Yourself Games. That’s why we’re bringing your our top list of the best weapons in Phantom Brigade in this handy guide.

(5) UHMG Vulcan

UHMH Vulcan is classified as a heavy weapon, and it is one of the most powerful pieces in the game. It can obliterate enemies and tear through buildings and non-hill covers. You will probably get to see it for the first time when used by the enemy, and it will be proof of how devastating it can be.

Still, heavy power comes with a price. It will slow you down, heat up considerably, and will leave you without a secondary weapon—if your mech loses the arm, you are pretty much done.

(4) Assault Rifles

Assault rifles have several important benefits—consistent firing rates, no overheating, and no precision loss while moving. They are solid, middle-of-the-road weapons that will get the job done but with no spectacular performance. You can choose between AR1 Astra and AR2 Burst, with AR2 Burst being a slightly better option due to its concussion damage on top of standard impact damage.

(3) Shotguns

Shotguns do what you expect them to do—deal a lot of damage short range but with high scatter. For that reason, shotguns excel at attacking several close enemies that are in your attack cone.

They are great if you wish to have enemy pilots eject their mechs or destroy the arms of your foes. Out of all shotgun types in Phantom Brigade, we recommend SG2 Shred the most due to serious impact damage and good heat value.

(2) Marksman Rifles

In our opinion, marksman rifles are an upgrade compared to assault rifles thanks to their 60-80 meter range even though they lose precision while moving. You can choose between MR1 Baseline and MR2 Sharp. MR1 deals more kinetic and impact damage and has a shorter activation time, while MR2 includes concussion damage.

(1) Railgun Repeaters

Railguns are some of the most well-rounded weapons in the game. They have great penetration charge and are meant for taking down multiple enemies instead of focusing on only one. A railgun is easy to aim, and it has a great firing rate. You have several options to choose from, including RS Barrage and RF Flux, and each has its advantages depending on the setting.

There you have it—our selection of the top five weapons in Phantom Brigade. Of course, the best weapon for you will depend on your play style and other preferences, so let us know in the comments which option works best for you. In the meantime, check out our article on how to unlock more mechs in Phantom Brigade.

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Phantom Brigade: Best Weapons Ranked


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