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Phantom Brigade: How to Repair Your Mech

Phantom Brigade: How to Repair Your Mech
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What would you do if you knew your enemy’s moves five seconds in advance? That’s what Phantom Brigade is all about, thanks to its timeline-based command system. This turn-based RPG brings strategy to another level, as you have to predict the enemy’s actions and add an element of surprise to your attacks.

Still, one of the crucial aspects of winning in this game is making sure that your mechs are properly repaired and ready for the fight. If you’re confused about how to repair your mech in Phantom Brigade, this guide tells you everything you need to know.

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How to repair your mech in Phantom Brigade

Yes, you can still use damaged mechs in battle, but at what cost? Logically speaking, they perform worse if they’ve taken damage. Therefore, before heading to another battle, you should try your best to have all your mechs in their best condition.

The good news is that mechs in Phantom Brigade repair themselves over time. There is a small caveat, though: mechs will only initiate regeneration and repair themselves only if you have enough of the resource called Liquid Fix. Since your Liquid Fix supplies are limited, you should know that you can get some more from enemy Repair Convoys.

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You can also get Liquid Fix at Resupply points. These bases on conquered territory serve as places to recruit pilots and repair your mechs after difficult fights, but you can also re-stock on Liquid Fix and avoid visiting Resupply points too often, since the repair process over there is not as fast as you would like.

That concludes the guide on how to repair your mech in Phantom Brigade. We hope your mechs always take only minimal damage, but if they need more Liquid Fix, now you know where to get it.

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Phantom Brigade: How to Repair Your Mech


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