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Phantom Brigade: How to Unlock More Mechs

Phantom Brigade: How to Unlock More Mechs
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You would think that a game with mechs where you get to see five seconds into the future would be easy, but you would be mistaken. Phantom Brigade can get quite difficult, which means you will need more mechs, even if you manage to repair some.

In this guide, we will teach you how to unlock more mechs in Phantom Brigade so that your army can grow. It is not a straightforward process, so buckle up and let’s explore your options!

How to Get More Mechs in Phantom Brigade

To have the ability to unlock more mechs in Phantom Brigade, you need to pay attention from the very beginning. As you start a new game, you need to go through the Difficulty options and check the box for Salvage mech frames—this option must be on. However, choose other difficulty settings carefully because you won’t be able to change them later with this option turned on.

If you set everything right, you can start the game and complete the extensive tutorial that leads you through the first region. Once you’re done, a workshop in your base will unlock, and you will have a chance to build a new mech frame there for a cost. Besides the frame, you will also need body parts.

Phantom Brigade weapons
Image via Brace Yourself Games

Those who turned the Salvage mech frames option on when starting also have the option to loot frames. However, they will need to be in pretty good condition, which is often difficult to find after all the fighting. One way to find a good mech frame is to force the enemy pilot to eject—that way, the frame will remain almost intact.

Still, even when you salvage a good mech frame and add all the necessary body parts to create a new mech, you should be aware that missions restrict the number of mechs that you can take. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to build a huge army that you get to take everywhere and wreak havoc in your path.

If you want to have this option and you’re not too far in the game, we recommend starting a new save and choosing the right difficulty option as instructed above so that you can unlock new mechs more easily. Good luck with salvaging and building new units! For other useful guides, check out our Phantom Brigade section on TouchTapPlay!

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Phantom Brigade: How to Unlock More Mechs


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