We’ve talked about the great PES Club Manager recently in our tips and tricks article, but there is one thing that we really need to discuss more in depth: what is the best tactic and formation to use in PES Club Manager and how to make sure that you get the most out of it in order to win all the matches that you play.

As I said in the guide I mentioned earlier, the best tactic is exactly the tactic that utilizes your best players to the maximum. In other words, if you have a lot of great strikers in your team, you will want to go for a 4-3-3 or 3-4-3. If, on the contrary, you have a ton more quality players at the back, you should opt for a formation like 5-3-2 or even 5-4-1.

However, have in mind that since PES Club Manager doesn’t bring the simulation to the in-depth levels of other football management sims out there, it’s usually the most offensive tactics that work best in the game – at least that was what happened in my case.

Extremely important to remember is the fact that you can actually build your own formation if the default ones don’t work well. Simply tap the Edit Team tab and drag and drop your players on the field. I would recommend moving all a bit forward, no matter what formation you’re using, to take advantage of the fact that more offensive tactics work better in the game.

However, choosing the right formation is not everything if you want to win all your games in PES Club Manager! You have to worry about 5 other areas, and I will talk about them below:

Attacking Styles: Possession should be used when you are in advantage, otherwise use Counter Attack (it’s simply faster!)

Build Up: I only tried Short Passes with great results.

Attacking Area: Focus your attack in the middle if your best players are there. Go Wide if your best players are there or the opponent uses a tactic that allows you to exploit the flanks.

Defensive Style: Always used Frontline Pressure with great results.

Pressuring: Always used Aggressive, never felt the need to change that.

You also have more Tactical Options available, but they don’t seem to have much of an impact on the game. If you want to, you can try them out and see how it works, especially the Offside Trap.

You can also alter things during the game: I would recommend to start all matches with Two extra points in Attacking and change it back to 1 or even zero as soon as you take the lead (or, better, when you have a 2-goals advantage). After 65-70 minutes I usually switch to a more defensive mentality, and if things don’t really work the way I want, I won’t be afraid to use the all-out attack mentality.

If you managed to find any other trick when it comes to choosing the best formation and tactic in PES Club Manager, let us know by commenting below!

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  1. If the opponent is playing possession-oriented football, generally, they will use back-passes. If they are using counter attack, they will pass more direct. So with counter attack you’ll generally have no issues getting the ball (more risk), but the opponent will create more chances. With possession-based football, they will have the ball more often and the chances they do create will be better. Generally, you can either press hard and keep your shape intact with a high line, or forego possession and break out fast. Either way, tailor your tactics to match the opponent.

    A 3-man line will work best against two strikers, a four-man line will work best against 3 strikers. Against 1 striker, best would be a four-man line with attacking fullbacks. Same goes the other way. If the opponent uses a 4-man back line, use 2 strikers. Otherwise, use 3.

    If the opponent uses short passing, it’s good to use a high line and high pressing. If he uses long passing, keep your back line deep and use all-out defense.

    If the opponents attacks through the center make sure you close down the middle and use “Wide” as a containment area. If the opponent attacks down the wings, use “Middle” as containment area.

    If the opponent plays aggressively, just play long passes and prevent the battle for midfield. Same goes for pressing high.

    Imagine an opponent uses high pressing. You’re using two man at the front and they’re playing a back four. A ball over the top to the striker will by-pass their entire pressing front-line and midfield. If they’re covering the wings, there will be a hole in their center of defense. If they’re covering the middle a long cross to the wing will mean oceans of space for your wingers. No way to know what their containment area is until you start playing though.

    Basically, the tactics are all pretty logical. You have to prevent them from playing the game they want to play while you want to expose their weaknesses.

    I’ve had much success using a 4-3-3 through the middle with high pressing (by default), and using a 3-5-2 with a deep line and a long-ball possession game. I always adapt to the opposition though.

    3-5-2 is perfect vs a 4-4-2 which many teams play. Just beat Uruguay 0-6 for example.

  2. I tend to use Balanced a lot, sometimes switch to offensive in a closed game. If I play long ball possession, I will use defensive often when I’m in front, you don’t take any goals and generally get a lot of space to dive into that way.

  3. Hello there, in pes manager mobile, how can I get back my big name players since they’re retiring with just a 100 appearances
    Is it better to sell or retire them?
    How to deal with aging players to join my squad again ?
    Please reply me soon,
    Thanks for your tips about formations and tactics , helpful a lot,
    Again please reply me back about retiring players in pes manager mobile!

    • You can’t get back retiring players anymore. You just have to let them go. Plus, in the newest version of the game, you can convert your retiring players to coaches as long as they are eligible to be conducted to the hall of fame. I suggest you retire your players rather than sell them, not only they become coaches but you can also inherit their playing styles(if they have one) to your younger players. The game is very fast paced, no room for emotional attachments for your good serving players. You just have to continue creating better ones.


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