We have already shared with you some PES Club Manager tips and tricks here at Touch, Tap, Play, but there are some areas of the game where I believe we should go a bit more in depth. Such an area is getting better quality players for your PES Club Manager team, and this is what we’re going to talk about in this game: how to get better players and 5 star players (and above) in PES Club Manager.

You probably know already that it’s not going to be easy, but if you play it smart, you will make it a lot easier than it actually is – and build a great team that tops the charts.

First thing that you have to do when deciding to build a great team, even before signing your 5 star or above players, is to understand that you have to focus on the long term. A game season is over relatively quickly in this game and the players age very fast, so the younger your top players are, the better. So always have this in mind when singing new players.

Now, the easiest way to get big star players in your team is to spend PES Coins on them. The PES Coins are the premium currency and even though you can get them easily by spending real money on them, you can also get a ton more by: logging in daily to get the bonuses or completing achievements as you play. You should also keep an eye on the News tab at all times – sometimes, the developers will reward players with free PES Coins and you don’t want to miss on that!

When spending your PES Coins on scouting for great players, I would recommend going for the “Scout x5” option, because that gives you 5 players of minimum 5 stars each. The Scout x1, which costs the same amount of PES Coins per player, only guarantees a minimum of 4 stars. So it’s better to be patient a wait a bit to get the better players.

After scouting, you don’t actually get the player – you still have to offer a contract, and you should consider your finances and, extremely important, how useful the player would be for your team. Having 5 strikers in the upper 80s won’t be as helpful as covering more positions with top players in your starting 11!

Another place where you can get high star quality players if you are active enough is the market. Make sure you upgrade your Scouting Agency in your My Town area to at least level 2, otherwise you won’t get any good players listed there. The higher the level, the better the quality of the players and lower their star quality. And that’s the place to keep an eye on, especially now since the game is new and there are not so many people bidding up on the best players. The even better part? These players are a lot cheaper and you know exactly what you’re getting!

So being patient, building up your PES Coins and being smart on the marketplace will help you score those 5+ star players and turn your team into a superstar one!


  1. i have a lvl 5 scout agenty and lvl 5 youth tbh waste of gp….i still get ussles 3-4 star players never got a 5 star player on market or youth


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