PES Club Manager Cheats & Tips to Get Your Club to the Top


Konami has recently launched, on iOS, PES Club Manager – the first football management game in the history of PES available on Apple’s platforms. And even though the game lacks the depth of football management sims like Football Managers, it is a great new entry that’s highly enjoyable, especially since it’s free to play.

But we’re not here to praise the game, we’re here to talk about some PES Club Manager cheats and tips that will help you turn your club into the best in the world, so let’s not waste any time and let’s get this guide for beginners started!

1. Invest in young players because you’ll need them in the future. Build up your youth academy ASAP and make sure that you sign one or two of the most promising prospects each year (because after each new season, the existing youths will be reset so you risk losing them).

Also play them so they can improve their skills. Even though their ratings are, at first, lower than those of your older players, they will improve over and over again so you should keep playing them to make it faster. All in all, find at least three or four youths to replace the aging or already old dudes you have in your team.

2. Sell your unwanted players in order to save up cash and free up space for newcomers. Slowly start by taking out all your one star players, then work your way up to always remove the lowest star ones. When doing this, though, think about the future: old players that might retire and leave a gap behind or players whose contracts run out. Make sure that you don’t end up with too few players in your squad because later on, as you progress through the divisions and you need to rotate the players, you will need the extras!

3. Make substitutions around the 60th minute. I know that usually substitutes are made later on, but making them a bit sooner helps to actually get an advantage over your opponents who get really tired. Especially if you have players with the “Super sub” trait, make sure you use them like that for a boost and sometimes game changing appearance.

4. Only use the PES Coins to scout new players. If you can be patient, wait for the Scout x5 option, which requires 150 PES Coins, but the minimum quality you get for your players is 5 star (unlike the 4 star quality guaranteed for the single purchase). You don’t have to instantly sign the players you have scouted – they remain on your scouting list and can be signed at a later date.

5. Always keep an eye on the market. Although it’s pretty difficult to get some great players on the Market, you can definitely find good subs at great prices there. Just have a list of the positions you need to fill and constantly watch the market: wait until the bidding time gets close to zero and try bidding then. The less you spend on your new players, the better for the long run!

6. How to upgrade your Hometown
I would recommend starting with the things around your Stadium: The Youth Academy is a must early on to generate players (don’t forget to also upgrade it!), then continue with the boosters: Entertainment Facilities, Medical Facilities and so on. Don’t forget that you can also upgrade even more if you tap the Stadium – you can build up more stands, shops and so on. After getting everything done around the stadium, focus on generating more income because you will never have too much money in this game.

7. What’s the best tactic
Start by choosing the best tactic based on your players. I would personally suggest not to go with three attackers, but in the end you should test and try everything. Make sure that you have a tactic that allows your best players to play in each game because that’s where your bonuses come from. I am personally using, with great results, a 4-1-3-2 formation and I consider it one of the best available in the game since you can switch from focusing your passing on the flanks to the middle, depending on the situations.

Tip: Reduce the Game Speed to 1 when starting to alter tactics or making substitutions to make sure that you don’t lose too much in-game time.

8. In-game tactics and mentalities
I am starting all the games where I am the favorite with an Attacking +1 mentality and if I go behind one goal, I switch to Attacking +3 and leave it like that until I get into the lead. I also found out that setting the Attacking Area to “Through the middle” works better, while playing a possession game with aggressive pressing works wonders. In the end, try and test everything depending on your opponent and see what works and what doesn’t for your team!

9. Go in depth with your tactics
IF you’re still not satisfied with the default settings and tweaks you can make to your tactics, you can go in depth and set even more advanced options: in the end, these will make the difference and a fine tuned tactic will always work better than one you don’t really care about.

10. How to properly handle training
I would personally suggest to stay away from Special Training for the first 2-3 seasons, because you need a ton of training cones in the first place, you will change your team almost completely during this time and you need to know what you are doing and how skills are affecting the overall play. Also, it’s not unusual to get just a skill upgraded by one point after Special Training, so you really must do it only on your best players.

The general focus – which I always keep at Balanced unless I really have a player lacking a specific skill – is what automatically upgrades with every match day. Again, I think that keeping it a Balanced should do the trick unless you really have a specific player that needs to work on some specific skills – like youngsters developing their position skills.

Do you have other tips and tricks for fellow PES Club Manager players? Let us know by commenting below!

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PES Club Manager Cheats & Tips to Get Your Club to the Top


  1. this article is not true for evrything… 4-5 stars is not much diff… There are some great 4 stars players who are way better than 5 stars one… U need to know how to pick the player… Also i am in div 68 having 7.8 mil fans… I havent seen anybody, playing in higher league than me though…

  2. Also, u can develop your young player.., even they are 4 stars but the rating can b up to 94… The more u let them play in the season the better they develop in the future

    • yap
      but some powers ends at a level by showing the red light, huh?
      its really common in 3-4 stars players.
      they cant develop more than 90 in a specific power.

  3. The reason your player get tired very quick may be because of ur players’ stamina are low. Also if you just let 1 team play for whole season without rotate and sub, ur player will get very tired at the end of season.

    • Nah i havent paid for it, im Top player div. 17 and my team OTR is 919 with a wonderful scouting list with over 30 7* players, just play 5 games a day and 20 a week, every day and every week, thats all you need, 5 PEScoins arent that much but 5 a day and 5 a week means at least 40 PES coins per week, which means 160 PES coins every month, anniversary scout comes every month for 300 and guarantees you 1 7* player, so basically, you can buy the anniversary scount once every 2 months and have 20 PEScoins remaining to use for whatever you want, 1 7* player every two months is good enough, however, you will still get a ton of 6* and 7* players in anniversary scouts, all of that being said, you wont need except 5* players until youre professional div. 10 or something around it, 5* players with enough attention are more than enough. stop making excuses and play the game as you should. no game is p2w unless you dont know how to win without paying. Good luck.

      PS: i took my time to write this because i dont like it when someone calls a game p2w just because they dont know how to play it, its not an excuse, i have a really powerful team without paying a penny.

  4. My question: how’s it played person vs person when the game is not live??? i can tap play match whenever I want and it doesnt go live to the other player at the same time? so then how are changes to the tactic at the half time affecting the game if one of us is not live ??? wtf confusing, do we get different results?

    or the game is just played in the “different universe” for everyone ??

  5. Please i hate my current league bcos i only play with useless teams with unkown players. Please how do i get a better league with known players as my opponent?????? Help me i am getting over bored of this game

  6. In my experience, teamwork improves by about 3 per game played depending on who is in your lineup. I’ve noticed that my teamwork rating goes up 3-6 per game for the same lineup game after game. You can also do training camp and select teamwork.

  7. How do you use “special coaches – random trait”? I’m guessing these are to give your players a designated random trait, but it won’t let me use it on a player

  8. To Ali
    Study your opponents tactics. You gotta adapt to counter their style.
    Long or short ball, Wide or middle, etc. it’s those 5 square symbols . If yours match your opp then change 1 or 2 or throw in an extra AM or DM just to swing things in your favour.
    I have an A team and a B team. Against the top 5 teams in my league I use my A . Against the low 4 teams, then B. B had my youngings who need game time. Against lowly opps is your best bet. I don’t care about cup games but a run to the final obviously gets you more games under your players belt. Cup games for me chew up stamina needed for a season. I’m in Div 73, got 553 energy kits, 128 motivational and 866 medical . As you can see , with smart rotations you only need to motivate your team. If I got 3 games in a row vs 3 top teams, that’s when u use stamina kits. But I lose my 1st cup game on purpose and there’s only 3 weeks that carries 2 games in it.

  9. Absolutely mental game.. I come from the era of championship manager, i would advise you use 3D viewing when you het new players to see how they actually play. Some players with lower ratings are better in game than some with higher ratings depending on your tactics.

  10. Hello everyone I have a problem I had played this game before but now I install again, how I can have my before club? If Someone can help me please do it. Thanks

  11. Hello , i urgently need to know if i can undo or cancel an upgrade in my hometown , i mistakedly upgraded stadium after it was just being upgraded and now i need to cancel it because all my cash is gone in.


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