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People Playground: How to Unlock All Hidden Achievements

People Playground: How to Unlock All Hidden Achievements
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People Playground has a total of 17 Steam achievements for intrepid players to unlock, although four of them are hidden. These four hidden achievements are easily the most complex achievements to get, so our guide goes over everything you need to know about how to unlock all hidden achievements in People Playground.

Unlocking all hidden achievements in People Playground

There are a total of four hidden/secret achievements in People Playground, with each one requiring you to build machines or fulfill secret objectives. Let us get started!

Hidden achievement #1 – “Pacifist”

The Pacifist hidden achievement is probably the easiest one to get, out of the four. All you need to do for this one is start a new map, then do not hurt any ragdolls for an hour straight. The easiest way to do this is to just start the game and then go do something else. Read our guide on how to get the Pacifist achievement for more details.

Hidden achievement #2 – “Uncharted Territory”

The Uncharted Territory hidden achievement requires you to build a very elaborate machine to reach a secret map. This can be done on any map, just make sure to pick a big one. You will need the following:

  • Misc: I-Beam, Small I-Beam x 2
  • Machinery: Immobility Field x 4, Generator x 2, Tesla Coil x 2

Pause the game to make construction easier. Place the I-Beam on the ground in the middle, then put the two Small I-Beams on the sides, hovering above the ground. Use Fixed Cables to keep everything afloat and steady—do NOT freeze any parts of the machine, as it may malfunction.

Place the two Generators next to the Small I-Beams, then position the two Tesla Coils in front of the Generators. Position the Immobility Fields above and below the Tesla Coils, with two on each side, making sure to support everything with Fixed Cables. Your final machine should look like this:

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

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Now, activate the three major parts on both sides: Generators, Tesla Coils, and Immobility Fields. If everything is just right, an energy surge should begin to swell in between the Tesla Coils. After a few seconds, the energy explodes, resulting in a new portal that takes you to a secret map.

Note that the Tesla Coils can be very picky on their placement, so if your configuration does not work, try moving the Tesla Coils around and ensure that nothing is frozen.

Hidden achievement #3 – “Faraday Malfunction”

Start a new game on the Tower map. Pan the camera around until you see the tower, then zoom in on this top section in particular.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

In that specific spot of the tower highlighted by the arrow, spawn in a Jukebox. You do not need to turn it on. Then, spawn in a Metal Pole, and attach it to the top of the Jukebox with Fixed Cables. Pausing the game makes this easier, so do that if you need to.

Lastly, connect a Wire from the Jukebox to the Metal Pole, then unpause the game. If you are in the right spot, the Jukebox should start making strange static beeping sounds, netting you the achievement.

Hidden achievement #4 – “Inverse Teleportation”

For the Inverse Teleportation achievement, you need any map with a solid floor, so the default map works fine. Like Uncharted Territory, this achievement requires building a tricky machine, so you will need the following:

  • Misc: Mirror x 3
  • Machinery: Laser Pointer, Rotor, Dampening Box

Our goal is to shoot a laser into the ground that is amplified by three mirrors and a spinning rotor. Set everything up as shown in the picture below. Like before, we cannot freeze any parts, so use Fixed Cables to keep everything afloat. Make sure to connect a normal Wire from the Dampening Box to the Laser Pointer.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Right-click the lower portion of the Rotor, then choose Set Rotor Speed. Set the speed to -8000, then unpause the game and activate the Rotor. What we want is for the Dampening Box to freely spin around the Rotor on its own; if the Dampening Box is getting caught mid-spin, try adjusting the cable lengths.

If everything is set up correctly, the laser should start channeling an energy vortex on the ground. Wait a few seconds, and suddenly a giant revolver appears, netting you the achievement. Congratulations, you have acquired all the hidden achievements in People Playground!

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People Playground: How to Unlock All Hidden Achievements