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People Playground: How to Make People Fight

People Playground: How to Make People Fight
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People Playground is mostly centered around the player’s creativity when it comes to figuring out how much destruction can happen on the map. You can spawn in human ragdolls and mutilate them for your own entertainment, but can you make them fight each other? Here is everything you need to know about how to make people fight in People Playground.

Making people fight each other in People Playground

Normally, when you spawn a human or robot ragdoll in People Playground, they kind of just stand around, waiting to be violently ripped apart. Unfortunately, this is the capacity of the AI in the base game, so there technically is no natural way to make the ragdolls fight each other.

The most upsetting thing about this revelation is that human ragdolls do not even attempt to fight zombies! We came up with the idea of attaching guns to human ragdolls, then making a few more and injecting them with the zombie serum, but no dice.

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Thankfully, mods are here to save the day. People Playground has full Steam Workshop support, allowing players to create their own mods and make it easy to share them to the public. Specifically, we want the Active Humans mod. If you are new to Steam Workshop mods, all you have to do is hit the green subscribe button, and the mod downloads and installs into your game. Easy as pie!

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The Active Humans mod adds more behavior options to the human ragdolls. You can make them go berserk and attack all living beings nearby, and you can even take manual control of them and fight other things.

When you have the mod installed, right-click on any human ragdoll, and you should see new behavior options towards the bottom.

  • Set team lets you assign the ragdoll to a team, so you can make huge battles break out with large teams.
  • Go berserk makes the ragdolls fight anything nearby.
  • Control human lets you directly control the ragdoll using W, A, D, and F to use weapons.

By the way, if you are wondering how to equip ragdolls with weapons, drag the weapon near the ragdoll’s hand. Pausing the game with SPACE helps to keep things steady. With the gun still selected, mouse over the ragdoll’s hand, then press F to activate. The ragdoll should grab onto the weapon, and they will use it whenever you set them to fight.

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People Playground: How to Make People Fight