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How to Make a Black Hole in People Playground

Learn how to create an all-devouring black hole in People Playground.

If you can take yourself away from all the senseless violence in People Playground, you may notice that there are actually quite a few mechanical contraptions you can tinker with. Making these machines interact with each other can result in some crazy effects, including creating a black hole! Here is how to make a black hole in People Playground.

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Creating a black hole in People Playground

Creating a black hole is surprisingly easy in People Playground, thanks to us having access to incredibly advanced technology that can phase objects out of existence by destroying atoms. What could go wrong with this kind of tech?

First, browse through the machinery tab for objects to spawn in. Find and spawn a Decimator, which looks like a dark blue button with bright beams going through it. Next, scroll down a bit to find the Generator, which looks like a green box with five meters on it.

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Now, from the toolbar on the right, select the normal wire, then connect the Decimator to the Generator. Once you have connected everything, your setup should look like this:

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Ready to tear open a black hole? Activate the Generator by hovering over it with your mouse and pressing the F key, or by right-clicking it and activating it through the drop-down menu. Feast your eyes upon the birth of a new black hole, which instantly sucks in anything on the map.

The reason this works is that the Decimator emits a field that deconstructs all nearby organic and inorganic atoms when powered. However, since the Generator generates a huge amount of power, the sudden influx causes the Decimator to emit an extremely powerful field, which essentially creates a miniature black hole.

If you ever want a fun way to clear the screen, the black hole is the way to do it. You even get an achievement for making a black hole for the first time.

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How to Make a Black Hole in People Playground